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Scholarship and Financial Aid Accelerated Nursing Programs

Scholarship and Financial Aid Accelerated Nursing Programs

Why did I choose Accelerated Nursing Program ? I was immediately intrigued by the school’s state-of-the-art simulation facilities, the opportunities for a global experience, and the attraction for an intellectually engaging educational experience. I also wanted to be part of a school that believed in fostering interdisciplinary partnerships as I value the variety of perspectives that other disciplines would add to my nursing experience.

Choosing Accelerated Nursing Programs was the most efficient path for me as it gave me a BSN within 1.5 years and the flexibility to complete my Family Nurse Practitioner program within 5 years which is critical to me to develop my nursing skills.

Accelerated Nursing Programs

The Accelerated Nursing Programs is a full-time program for students who wish to become Registered Nurses (RNs). Students with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree are eligible for this program.

Accelerated Nursing Programs
Accelerated Nursing Programs

The accelerated nursing programs offers 3 options, BSN Second Degree, BSN / MSN, and Hillman BSN-PHD, for students beginning their nursing education with the option to complete an MSN or PhD.

This is a pre-license program where all students start with the BSN portion and become a Registered Nurse (RN) in just 15 months after completing the BSN.

Students in the BSN / MSN or Hillman BSN-PHD option will continue to receive the MSN or PhD option.

The accelerated nursing programs offers a range of experiences including a state-of-the-art simulation center, student research opportunities, extensive mentoring, community engagement.

And rigorous clinical experience with renowned hospital partners including the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Overviews :

BSN Second Degree

The option is for those who would like to work as an RN before specializing or pursuing advanced practical studies.

BSN graduate students also have the option to begin a graduate degree at Penn while completing the BSN through our enrollment program. Eligible students can apply in the spring semester of the BSN for one of our 11 master’s subjects as well as for dual courses in public health, bioethics and law.


The BSN / MSN option is aimed at students who know they are interested in an advanced nursing role and who can confidently identify an area of ​​specialization to pursue.

This program offers some flexibility to students looking to earn multiple degrees. Some of our students take time off from school to gain work experience and then return to the MSN program, while others work full-time as RNs while completing their MSN program courses part-time. We only ask that students complete their MSN degree within five (5) years of their BSN degree date.

Once a student is admitted to a particular MSN program, they can request a program change if their interests change.

Hillman BSN PhD

The Hillman Scholars Program in Nursing Innovation is an accelerated integrated BSN-to-PhD program that aims to produce the next generation of nursing innovators who are committed to making health care more effective, patient-centric and fairer.


Our curriculum combines the scientific principles of health care with clinical experience and offers a parallel integration of theoretical and applied knowledge, a rarity in nursing education

The accelerated nursing programs starts with the BSN at the end of August 2022, the BSN lasts 15 months and ends in December 2023. Below is an overview of the BSN part of the accelerated nursing programs. The length of the MSN depends on the subject, for more information on the MSN options click here. Hillman Scholars can complete the PhD within 3 years of graduation from BSN. Click here for information on the program.

Application and Admission Deadlines

Admission decisions are based on a holistic examination of the application. All aspects of your application, such as academic history and credentials, demonstrated interest in the nursing program, diverse backgrounds, research experience, professional history, healthcare contact, letters of recommendation and more will be reviewed and considered.

Application Deadlines

Applications to participate in August 2022 will be LIVE on August 2, 2022. Penn offers two deadlines for the program, the priority deadline is October 15, 2022 (announcement is late January 2022) and the regular deadline is December 1, 2022 (notification is early March 2022).

Accelerated Nursing Programs
Accelerated Nursing Programs

Admission Requirements:

Application Requirements

As of July 1, 2022, the GRE is no longer required for the Accelerated Nursing Programs (BSN Second Degree, BSN / MSN or Hillman BSN-PhD).

A complete application package consists of:

  • Completed Online Application: Please note that you can only apply for one program option, BSN Second Degree, BSN-MSN, or Hillman BSN-PhD
  • Personal statement: You will receive the question at the beginning of the application process
  • Hillman BSN-PHD: requires two attachments
  • Two letters of recommendation: one must be academic; We strongly encourage you to choose referrers who know you well enough to speak confidently about your abilities and chances of success in this rigorous accelerated nursing programs; all of these must be submitted online using the online application
  • Hillman BSN-PHD: 3 recommendations required
  • Transcripts: Unofficial copies of all of your post-secondary transcripts, including transcripts for any courses you may have attended at a community college or while studying abroad, must be uploaded for review purposes.
  • Official certificates are only required if admission is offered and can be sent electronically (by the issuing institution) or by post (see addresses below). Note: After the first request, it can take up to six weeks for the transcripts sent by post to arrive at the School of Nursing.
  • Video interview: After the application process has started, questions are available to you

Prerequisite Courses

Required courses must start in August 2022; You must have completed all required courses by June 15, 2022.

  • 4 credits Introduction to General Chemistry with a Laboratory
  • 3 credits Introduction to Biology (laboratory is not required)
  • 8 credits for anatomy and physiology with laboratory
  • 4 credits introduction to microbiology with laboratory
  • 3 credits Introduction to Nutrition
  • 3 credits Introduction to Statistics
  • OPTIONAL: 3 Credits of Health Care Ethics (this course can be taken while enrolling in the program at Penn)

We officially approve the transfer credit upon enrollment in the accelerated nursing programs. We strongly recommend that you complete your foundation courses within the last ten years, with the exception of Human Anatomy and Physiology, which we prefer to complete within the last 5 years. All courses must be completed at an accredited institution and have a grade of C or higher. Prerequisite courses can be taken online.

Tips for completing the preliminary courses:

  • To meet the requirements for anatomy and physiology, you can complete two semesters of a combined anatomy or physiology course or separate anatomy and physiology courses, both with a laboratory. Course content should be people based and include labs. We recommend that the course includes a chemistry prerequisite, but it is not required. A comparative anatomy course will NOT meet our requirements.
  • Organic chemistry is not required and does not meet the general chemistry requirements for the program.
  • An introductory course in biology will meet the biology requirement, we recommend that cell biology and molecular genetics content be included in the course.

Registration Fees

A non-refundable fee of US $ 80 must be paid when submitting your application for approval. Fee exemptions are possible after approval. If you would like to apply for a fee waiver, please complete the “Request for fee waiver” section in the “Personal Information” section of the joint application.


You must submit a complete essay. This is located in the Questions section of the accelerated nursing programs materials in General Application and should be up to 400 words (2500 characters) long.

Letters of Recommendation

One or two professional or academic letters of recommendation are recommended, but not required. Your letter of recommendation should explain your maturity, intellectual potential, and motivation for a career in nursing.

To submit a letter of recommendation, once you are in the shared application, follow the instructions. The application provides you with an electronic link that you can send to your recommender. You can then use this link to send your letter of recommendation.


You must submit an official university certificate in a sealed envelope from each college or university you have attended before the application deadline. CastleBranch is a AACN provider which is also a popular name to the nursing students.

Applications with missing certificates will not be checked.
Transcripts can be sent to the following address (not NYU Meyers):

New York University
Study administration
383 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003, USA.

Transcripts can also be emailed to, but should still have an official stamp, must come from a school official, and must be sent from an official school email address.

Accelerated Nursing Programs
Accelerated Nursing Programs

Standardized Test Results

Standardized test scores are NOT required for admission to the Accelerated 15 Month BS accelerated nursing programs and will not be used as a factor in your admission decision.

Criminal Background Review Policy

All nursing students must complete a series of clinical learning experiences in order to successfully achieve the learning outcomes for a particular study program.

Students must complete a criminal background check and drug test prior to attending clinical learning experiences at an off-campus healthcare facility.

Each clinical setting has guidelines on possible convictions and potential drug use that can discourage students from entering the facility for clinical internship.

If a student is not accepted to an assigned internship based on the results of a background check or drug test, NYU Meyers does not guarantee an alternative clinical internship. The college policy requires that students who for any reason fail to meet clinical requirements be discharged from the accelerated nursing programs.

The process of obtaining a nursing license in New York and many other states may involve considering an applicant’s criminal record or other conduct (see the link on NYS License Application).

Criminal convictions and / or records of certain other behaviors may prevent a Nursing student / graduate from being admitted and discourage the Nursing graduate from entering employment as a nurse. NYU Meyers applicants are encouraged to establish admission requirements in the state(s) in which they intend to practice prior to enrollment.

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