Amber Grant Foundation

Amber Grant Foundation

Amber Grants are small grants designed to help women who want to start their own business. Women entrepreneurs looking to start an online or home-based business can apply for grants through the Amber Foundation.

Grants range from $1,000 to $2,000 and can be used for equipment, website design, or other expenses required to start a business. The grant does not have to be repaid. The scholarships are financed by donations from private donors to the foundation. The scholarships are usually awarded quarterly by the foundation.

Apply Amber Grant Foundation

Amber Grants are awarded by the Amber Foundation, owned by Women grants, an online network founded in 1998 for women looking to start their own business. The Amber Scholarship is named in memory of the founder’s sister.

In addition to funding scholarships, the organization provides women with resources to help them find scholarships, write a scholarship application, and online blogs where women can share information and ideas about women-run small businesses.

Analyze Your Company’s Needs.

Make sure you have a solid understanding of:
I. Problem or need you want to address.
II. Target group that will benefit from your product or service.
III. The type and level of support you will need.
IV. Resources and commitment that your group brings to the project.
V. Potential and potential partners in the community.

Research Different Types of Foundations.

Get to know the operational differences between:
I. Business start-ups.
II. Community foundations.
III. Private foundations.

Look for Funding Matches.

Identify supporters who:
I. Are able and likely to fund projects in your geographic area.
II. Share a similar core task or goals.
III. Have already supported similar ventures or projects.

Make a List Of Prospects.

Group them in two ways:
I. By geographic location (city, state, region).
II. According to area of interest or subject of study.

Review And Refine Your List.

Eliminate prospects who DO NOT FINANCE
I. In your state.
II. Your type of organization.
III. Your subject.
IV. The kind of support you need.
V. Your size project.

Choose The Most Suitable Funding Prospects.

Research them in detail:
I. Contact them directly to request annual reports and other publications.
II. Search print and online media to identify projects that have received grants in the past.
III. Ask former fellows for advice and why they felt successful against other applicants

List Of Amber Grants In 2021

Amber Grant Foundation
Amber Grant Foundation
  1. Monthly Amber Scholarship
    $10,000 Winners Every Month
    Every month our jurors review all applications and then select 5 finalists. One of these finalists will be the winner of the $10,000 monthly Amber Org Grant scholarship. The other 4 finalists will each receive $1,000.

The $10,000 Amber Grant winner qualifies for the $25,000 year-end grant each month.

2. The Marketing Grant
Three Winners A Year
Three times a year we give hands-on marketing help to a selected women’s company. It includes strategic sessions with:

Professional agency support in the development and implementation of a marketing plan.

3. $25,000 Annual Amber Grant
One winner a year

A US $25,000 Year End Scholarship winner will be selected from the 12 winners of the Amber Scholarship, US $10,000 per month. That means you can win a total of $35,000 in a single application.

4. Mini grants
Up to $ 2,000

Amber Grant Foundation
Amber Grant Foundation

Each of our advisory board members has access to funding to award mini grants (up to $ 2,000) year-round.

Sometimes we find women entrepreneurs who have minor – but still important – support needs. The pool of mini-grant funds for 2021 is $ 48,000.

5. Company-Specific Grants
$5,000 Winners Every Month

Each business woman who completes their application is eligible for the Amber Grant of US $10,000 (for the month the application is submitted).

But we also have an additional $5,000 Business Specific Grant winner each month.

We have found that some business categories are underrepresented in attracting funding.

Applicants falling into these specific business categories will automatically be eligible for the $5,000 monthly (once per year).