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9 Places Where You Can Find Apartments That Accept Evictions

How To Get Best List Of Apartments That Accept Evictions

Apartments That Accept Evictions

Are you having trouble finding an apartment because of a past eviction? The good news is that you are not alone, and there are apartments out there that will accept evictions.

In this article, we’ll go over why some apartments don’t accept evictions and give examples of how you can still find a place to rent. We’ll also provide helpful tips and resources to help you get started in the search for your new home.

Whether it’s due to missed payments, disturbances, or damage to the property, having an eviction on your record may make it difficult to find apartments that accept evictions.

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Most landlords and rental property owners require credit checks and background checks as a part of their rental application process. Once they see an eviction on your record, chances are they may reject your application.

List Of Apartments That Accept Evictions

Landlords can increase the rent at any time. If a tenant is unable or unwilling to pay the increase, the landlord has the right to evict the tenant.

Sometimes the manager needs to use the eviction process to get the tenant’s full attention or finally repossess the rental property.

The eviction process begins with a proper eviction notice and may include a court appearance and trial. An eviction order may be issued and a court officer or someone from the sheriff’s office may remove the renter and their personal belongings from the apartment rentals property.

What Is An Eviction?

When a landlord issues eviction notice to a tenant, he or she must vacate the premises within a certain number of days.

Tenants would rather stay than be evicted, but they could face the unfortunate reality of being evicted if they default on their house rent. Landlords are unwilling to work with people who have bad payment habits – why should they?

Apartments That Accept Evictions
Apartments That Accept Evictions

However, there are many steps in the eviction process before the tenant is physically removed. Most managers and tenants reach an agreement or agreement well before the matter gets that far.

Landlords and tenants both have rights, but the landlord likely has more power over your destiny. When renting a property it is always a good idea to have the landlord sign a lease. This is especially true if you live there with others.

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If you are violating the lease or if you have problems with your landlord or neighbors, you must go through the eviction procedure. You will receive a summons from the court and then you and your landlord can meet to discuss the situation and find a reasonable solution before going to court where the judgment is final.

Wherever possible, it is best to find a fair solution for all parties involved.

The eviction process begins for nine statutory reasons:

Non-payment of rent;

Extensive and ongoing property damage;

Serious and persistent health hazard;

Illegal drug activity and formal police report filed (rental provision must permit termination);

Violation of the Rental Agreement provision and the Rental Agreement may be terminated;

Forcible entry OR peaceful entry but forcible stay OR trespassing;

Release after the natural expiry of the rental period;

“Good reason” for the termination of the renter of the mobile home parking space;

“Good cause” for eviction of the tenant of a government-subsidized apartment;

If your rental history is not ideal, finding a new apartment can be difficult. Landlords aren’t always so accommodating, so you may have to work a little harder to find the right apartment for you.

Building a Positive Rental History And Repairing Credit After An Eviction

After an eviction, it can be difficult to get your rental history and credit back on track.

There are a few steps you can take to help improve your situation and build a better rental history.

The first is to build a positive rental history. This can be done by fixing any mistakes that were made during the eviction, such as not leaving the property clean or taking furniture.

Moving out of the property can also help improve your credit score.

Another thing you can do is repair your credit after the eviction. This can be done by paying off all of your debts, applying for new credit, and keeping a low balance on your credit cards.

By taking these steps, you can build a better rental history and improve your chances of getting a rental again in the future.

Second Chance Apartments That Accept Evictions

Second chance apartments are rental properties that specialize in providing housing for tenants who have a less-than-perfect rental history, including those with previous evictions. Here are some options for finding second chance apartments:

Use an apartment locator service: Some apartment locator services specialize in finding second chance apartments. They can help you narrow down your search and find properties that fit your budget and other requirements.

Check with property management companies: Some property management companies offer second chance apartments. Look for companies that advertise this service or contact them directly to see if they have any available units.

Look for apartments with flexible rental requirements: Some apartments may be more lenient when it comes to rental history. Look for properties that have low credit score requirements or don’t require a background check.

Reach out to non-profit organizations: Some non-profit organizations offer assistance with finding housing for individuals with an eviction on their record. Contact local non-profits or housing organizations to see if they can provide guidance or referrals.

Consider co-signers or roommates: Having a co-signer or roommate with a good rental history can increase your chances of being approved for an apartment.

It’s important to note that second chance apartments may have higher security deposits, higher rent rates, or stricter rental requirements than other properties. It’s also important to be honest with landlords about your rental history and show that you are taking steps to be a responsible tenant.

Check out a reputable apartment search service that will help match potential renters with available apartments from landlords in their network. You can also search by location and landlord criteria to find the best solution for you.

Moreover, you can search low income apartments that accept evictions by location or rent, and you may find many landlords who don’t care about your past and don’t do background checks.

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It’s easy to search for apartments that accept evictions, giving you more choices and helping you find a place that fully accepts you — including your past. A social community of others who have had eviction files can help you find good advice and even housing that understands your situation.

Rental properties are a hot commodity these days and finding apartments that accept evictions is easy when you know what to look for. Landlords are less likely to worry about tenant eviction status as long as they can pay rent on time and remain good tenants.

1. For Rent No Credit Check Corporate Leasing Inc.

Renting apartments is easy. You have a wide variety of rental properties to choose from – from studio apartments to 2 bedroom apartments, you can choose the one that suits your lifestyle.

The property managers you will meet are focused on helping renters find right apartments for them and are not looking to make a quick buck from you.

Whether they are looking for a home with an approved credit rating or a home with no credit check, you can help them find the perfect place to live.

That being said, For Rent No Credit Check only offers services for apartment that accept evictions and not single family homes. That is why you should contact them today for more information.

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2. Second Chance

Fill your life with the things you love, not the things you hate. If you are struggling financially and are looking for an affordable apartment close to your friends, family and hometown, then look no further than Second Chance Apartments.

The company works with any renter who has an eviction, foreclosure, broken lease, foreclosure, or other issue that needs to be resolved to get you into your next home.

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If you’re planning a move and aren’t sure where to live in the meantime, can connect you to housing listings across the country so you can sort out all your needs! Whether you need a temporary move or are relocating after an eviction, we have the perfect location just for you. Contact them today to get started.

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4. Interiors By Lamar National Corporate Leasing

For Rent No Credit Check Corporate Leasing Inc., Interiors by Lamar is a corporate real estate management firm that helps businesses and organizations find and maintain ideal office space across the country.

They don’t work with homeowners, but they will help you find the perfect home in any city you want, even if you’ve had previous evictions. Here are her details should you wish to contact her.

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5. Anchor Your Assets Lease Guarantee

With its large real estate portfolio, Anchor Your Assets offers a variety of exclusive apartment options and floor plans to suit any lifestyle. Their services are designed to help customers save time and money.

And unlike most agencies in the industry, they work with landlords, property managers, investors and landlords across the country to deliver a comprehensive selection of properties.

If you have to move out, you need a guarantor – this is where the Assets Lease Guaranty (ALG) comes into play. ALG can help you get your security deposit back, or even give landlords the guarantee they need before renting out the property. You will also receive a free reference list for landlords and property managers.

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6. Alliance Housing Inc.

If you’ve had a credit problem in the past, Alliance Apartments can help! You know you may have been told that you have no chance of housing, but that’s not true.

Eviction Accepted Home
Eviction Accepted Home

Their flexible screening process gives you a second chance at an apartments that accept evictions with no hidden fees or hidden terms. Their professional leasing agents understand the housing market and will work with landlords to give you the best opportunity for your new apartment home.

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7. My Second Chance Rentals

In addition to providing housing for people with poor tenancies, My Second Chance Rentals can help you in other ways. They offer clothing and basic housewares, free cell phone service and furniture, employment services, and even assistance with claiming utility bills.

My Second Chance Rentals is the solution to your housing problems – whether you were displaced, a drug user or a sex offender, these people can provide you with quality housing and other services to help you get on with your life.

Some of the other services they can provide include clothing, cell phone service, and utility assistance.

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8. Second Chance Network

Renting an apartment is a big pain, especially if you’ve faced financial or legal difficulties. This is where The Second Chance Network can help.

The Second Chance Network is a nonprofit organization that helps people with credit problems find ideal roommates. When you apply to a community through the Second Chance Network, they provide a one-page application that collects information about your rental history, income and job status, and any other extenuating circumstances.

Second Chance Network then makes this information available to communities looking for second chance tenants.

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9. Corporate Housing By Owner

Whether you need corporate housing after a divorce or need temporary housing for a business trip, Corporate Housing By Owner can help.

With its vast database of fully furnished rental units in the US and abroad, you can get a quality rental quickly – whether you’re looking for a single night or a month! They have something for everyone!

The Corporate Housing website offers a wide range of second chance rental housing that can give you a second chance after an eviction. A dedicated search tool on the site will help you find houses based on your specifications, and an agent is personally available to help you whatever you’re looking for.

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Cheap Apartments That Accept Evictions

It can be challenging to find apartments that accept evictions, as most landlords and property management companies prefer tenants with good rental histories. However, there are some options that tenants can explore:

Look for private landlords: Some private landlords may be more lenient and willing to work with tenants who have an eviction on their record.

Consider subletting: Subletting a room or apartment from someone who already has a lease can be an option. The person subletting may be more flexible when it comes to evictions.

Check Craigslist: Craigslist can be a useful resource for finding apartments that accept evictions and have less strict rental requirements. Be sure to exercise caution when using Craigslist, however, as there are scams.

Reach out to non-profits and charities: Some non-profits and charities offer assistance with housing, including help finding apartments that accept evictions.

Look for government-subsidized housing: Some government-subsidized housing programs may accept tenants with eviction records. Contact your local housing authority or HUD office for more information.

It’s important to note that finding an apartments that accept evictions may take more time and effort, and tenants may need to provide additional information or documentation to landlords to show their ability to pay rent and be responsible tenants.

FAQs On Apartments That Accept Evictions

How landlords make apartments that accept evictions?

More appropriately about evictions, let’s see what an eviction is? and why does it occur? So the tenants never expect to be evicted, but the bad situation may allow eviction in their lifetime.

As you know, nothing is predetermined, but people face eviction if they don’t pay their rent for months.

How can I find homes near me that accept evictions?

It’s difficult to find apartments that accept evictions near me. But many landlords understand the bad situation of evictions. To find the apartments that accept evictions.

You should use the apartment search where you may not find apartments that accept eviction. You can also use your eviction status to search for apartments that accept evictions near me.

What are some common reasons for evictions?

The most common reasons for evictions include non-payment of rent, violation of lease terms, damage to the rental property, and illegal activities on the premises.

How long does the eviction process take?

The length of the eviction process varies depending on the state and the reason for the eviction, but it typically takes several weeks to a few months.

What are the consequences of being evicted?

The consequences of being evicted can include damage to a tenant’s credit score, difficulty finding future housing, and the loss of personal belongings if they are not able to move them out in time.

How can a tenant avoid eviction?

To avoid eviction, tenants should pay rent on time, follow the terms of their lease, report maintenance issues promptly, and communicate with their landlord if they are experiencing financial difficulties.


Getting evicted from your home is never an easy situation. Being homeless can lead you to many problems that you cannot face. But it’s not a permanent condition. In this article, we have discussed almost everything about apartments that accept evictions, how to find them and also the top 10 places that accept evictions.

I hope you get all the information you are looking for. Thank you for reading.

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