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Apply Open Meadows Foundation Grant

Apply Open Meadows Foundation Grant

Open Meadows wants to focus its resources on changing the world. We are looking for projects with a focus on activism, political change and empowerment, which are led by women and girls and benefit them.

Examples are projects that focus on: standing rock, boycotts, marches, founding new activist organizations, workers’ rights, community organization, voting rights, environmental activism, economic rights and other forms of political action that promote the participation of women and girls for women and girls.

Open Meadows Foundation Grant

The Open Meadows Foundation sponsors projects that do not discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, gender identity and expression, sexual identity and language, age or ability. We offer grants under $2000 for projects that:

Open Meadows Foundation Grant
Open Meadows Foundation Grant
  • Are designed and implemented by women and girls;
  • Reflect the diversity of the community that supports the project in both areas its leadership and organization;
  • Promoting power-building in the community;
  • Have limited financial access.

Guidelines To Apply Open Meadows Foundation Grant

Organizations interested in applying must be in tax-exempt status or have a tax sponsor who is tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 501C3.

Applicants must submit their application, 501C3 tax letter, budget, and any other supporting materials for their proposal.

If the organization (or fiscal representative) IRS tax exemption letter and / or any other part of the checklist is not included, the proposal will be considered INCOMPLETE and cannot be forwarded to the reviewers.

Open Meadows only accepts one proposal from an organization per cycle. If the request concerns more than one project, none of the projects will be considered.

Additional requirements are listed below. Please read carefully and make note of organizations that we do not support. We look forward to your suggestions for the betterment of open meadows foundation grant.

The Checklist For Open Meadows Foundation Grant

Here is the checklist for your funding application. Please summarize all information in a single PDF or Word document. Do not send separate documents.

1. The cover sheet.

2. A project description of no more than three pages containing specific information about the project and the community in which it will take place, as well as information about the organization. Be specific and detailed about the project.

3. A detailed budget for the project with income and expenses

4. A budget for the organization with income and expenses. Please include budget from 1 or 2 previous years, if available.

If you need help, Non Profit Works provides sample budgets and budget preparation guides. Note: Only organizations with total income less than $75,000 are eligible.

Open Meadows Foundation Grant
Open Meadows Foundation Grant

5. For US proposals, a copy of your organization’s tax exemption letter from the IRS with status 501 (c) (3) or a copy of the tax exemption letter from the IRS tax advisor with status 501 (c) (3).

For international proposals, a copy of the organization’s registration.

6. A list of employees (full-time and part-time), including race, ethnicity, and gender

7. A list of the current board of directors, including race, ethnicity, and gender

8. All art projects must be accompanied by accompanying material via pdf, mp3, video link and other online access. Film and video projects will only be considered after the film / video has been completed.

9. Additional materials or samples may be included to aid your program in support for needy women.

The Meadows Foundation makes grants only to qualified public institutions or 501 (c) (3) charities that serve the people of Texas. The foundation does not give or give money to individuals.

Grants are Awarded in Five Categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Civil and public affairs
  • education
  • Bless you
  • Human services

Within these donation categories there are currently three initiatives, each with an individual strategic plan:

  • Environment
  • Mental Health
  • Public Education

The foundation makes grants across the state of Texas, but tries to distribute between a third and half of its grant funds to organizations that help people in the Dallas area. Applications for specific programs or projects, capital projects and less often for general operations will be considered.

Foundations and grants are rare. The Foundation also regards program-related investment loans as part of its funding activities.

Applications of any amount will be considered. There are no application deadlines and scholarship applications are accepted at any time. Each organization is limited to one application within 12 months. Applications are confirmed within a week and usually processed within three to four months.

The Foundation Looks for One or More of the Following Conditions in an Application

  • Support from the foundation would be vital or catalyst for the success of a proposed project.
  • The project is well planned and the agency has the capacity to execute the plan.
  • There is financial support from other sources to ensure that the project will be implemented and will continue beyond the grant period. It will speed up the review process if one-third to one-half of the funding required for the project has been obtained prior to submitting the application.

The Foundation is also interested in projects and programs that recognize and incorporate the human-animal connection as part of its delivery service. For more information, see the Foundation’s Animal Welfare Plan.

In General, Grants are not Awarded for the purpose of:

  • Construction of churches or seminaries
  • Subscription fundraising events
  • Annual fundraising campaigns
  • Professional conferences and symposia unless directly related to our areas of initiative.
  • Out-of-state travel expenses for performances or competitions
  • Support of events or unique artistic representations
  • Applicants are encouraged to use our grant search tool to view the Foundation’s typical grant award form. Please see our FAQ section for additional useful information.

Progress reports on goals and expenditures of grant funds are required for all recipients.

Open Meadows Foundation Grant
Open Meadows Foundation Grant

Grant staff are available by phone or email to answer inquiries at any time and can schedule pre-grant interviews with applicants if time permits.


The Open Meadows Foundation Grant is dedicated to funding projects led and sponsored by women and girls, particularly in the US and around the world.

The foundation supports projects that are designed and implemented by women and girls, reflect the diversity of the community supported by the project and promote the development of community strength.

Priority is given to organizations with limited financial access or obstacles to funding. The foundation awards grants of up to $2,000 to nonprofits with an annual budget of $75,000 or less.

(The foundation also manages several special funds aimed at specific groups or activities.) Proposals for any of the foundation’s funding opportunities can be submitted between July 1 and August 15, 2018. Visit the Foundation’s website to review the application guidelines.

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