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Best ABSN Program For Nursing Schools

Best ABSN Program For Nursing Schools

Nurses are an important part of our society. Patient-centered care requires the specialist knowledge of qualified nurses. Our profession needs you now more than ever. As a nurse, you can play a key role in overcoming pandemics like COVID-19. They care for and help people with different needs to restore their lives. They are the backbone of our healthcare system. We need your help on the front lines to change lives.

If you are considering a career in nursing, pursue your goal today by taking the first step. Find out more about the programs we offer, course details, and more.

At the goal for outstanding talent, the possibilities are limitless.

About The ABSN Program For Nursing Schools

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program (ABSN) is a second degree for students who have completed an undergraduate degree and meet the necessary requirements. This is a full-time campus-based student program for nursing schools that lasts 16 months. Our students focus on health and disease prevention, clinical leadership, evidence-based nursing practice, and culturally relevant nursing.

Program For Nursing Schools
Program For Nursing Schools

Our faculty practices dynamic teaching-learning strategies, simulations, virtual and standardized patients and more. Our unrivaled Center for Nursing Discovery is the only accredited health simulation educational institution in North Carolina.

And you have access to it! Our faculty strives to prepare students for safe, high quality care for patients and their families.

As a student, you will complete 58 hours of study and receive almost 800 hours of clinical experience.

Our students benefit from the unparalleled benefits of clinical experience across multiple locations in the Duke University health system, world-class health systems in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area and around the world.

ABSN MSN Graduation GraphicABSN students can earn up to nine credits for a Masters Degree! Enroll for electives to prepare you for evidence-based practice, statistics and study design, population health in a global society, and more!

After graduation, you are entitled to admission as a registered nurse and entry into professional nursing practice.

The Duke University School of Nursing’s Accelerated Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

ABSN Clinical Immersion Experiences

As an ABSN student, some of your clinical lessons can be delivered locally or globally.

ABSN Student with Children in Global Clinical Immersion Students choosing local clinical internships will work with culturally rich and diverse populations in Durham County, NC, including Latinos, refugees, and immigrants, as well as a number of vulnerable groups, such as: Homeless and the elderly.

Current local community and public health partners include: Durham Housing Authority, Families Moving Forward. Urban Ministries, Church World Service, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Partner for Youth Opportunities, Learning Together. Local clinical immersion groups fulfill their lessons weekly during the semester.

Students going abroad travel to one of our clinical locations for a two-week immersion experience during the break between the second and third semester. These rich learning environments provide students with invaluable insight into various health systems, community-based initiatives, and treatment protocols in various cultural settings.

GCIE activities typically include: community assessment, clinical observations, hands-on experience at local health centers or polyclinics, health promotion classes, home visits, environmental health visits with local health officials, and cultural enrichment activities.

Why Choose Duke University?

An ABSN degree from Duke University Nursing Schools offers:

  • Innovative curriculum with a focus on wellness and health promotion as well as evidence-based nursing practice over the entire lifespan
  • State-of-the-art facilities and technologies for clinical teaching, including high fidelity simulators, standardized patients, interactive modules, case studies and lectures / videos in digital formats
  • Individual advice from the faculty
  • Clinical learning with a small teacher to student ratio (usually 1: 6)
  • Clinical experience in the Duke University health system and other respected health systems across the triangle
  • International clinical immersion experiences through the Office of Global and Community Health Initiatives
  • Multiple benefits associated with studying at a nationally rated university and an internationally recognized medical teaching facility
  • Improved post-graduate employment opportunities that extend well beyond North Carolina
  • Early consideration of the admission of ABSN graduates with a GPA of 3.0 or higher to the Master of Science in Nursing Program.
Nursing School Programs
Nursing Schools Programs

Objectives of the ABSN Program

The Accelerated BSN program prepares graduates for:

  • Integrate concepts and insights from the arts and sciences into health promotion and care management across the wellness-disease continuum.
  • Demonstrate values-based professional behavior that integrates empathy, autonomy, integrity, social justice, equity, and respect for diversity and inclusion, human rights and dignity through cultivating partnerships with patients, families and communities.
  • By promoting health, coordinating health care and promoting disease prevention strategies at the individual, family, communal and population level, ensure and work towards equal health opportunities.
  • Apply leadership concepts, skills, and decision-making in delivering and monitoring nursing practice in a variety of settings.
  • Assess, summarize critically and translate current findings into nursing practice.
  • Demonstrate the integration of nursing science, critical thinking, clinical decision-making, and psychomotor skills necessary for competent, safe, evidence-based, holistic, compassionate, and high quality care of individuals, families, communities, and populations across the lifespan.
  • Translate the principles of safety and quality improvement into delivering high quality care to individuals, families, communities and populations.
  • Leverage information, communication, and patient care technology tools to facilitate clinical decision-making and the delivery of safe, effective, and high-quality nursing care.
  • Demonstrate effective professional communication and collaboration within and between disciplines and with the public to optimize health outcomes.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how health, economic, legal, political, and socio-cultural factors influence the delivery and advocacy of equitable health care.


The following information describes the regular personal program for nursing schools offerings. However, due to the COVID pandemic, we are following Washington state and campus guidelines for in-person attendance and we offer most courses in a distance learning format.

Our four-quarter full-time program for nursing schools (autumn to summer) is aimed at students who are self-motivated, detail-oriented, self-reflective and highly committed. A solid foundation of natural sciences and humanities courses will make you fit for success in our program.

The accelerated BSN program for nursing schools includes:

  • Academic courses focusing on critical thinking, nursing and therapy, and health care grants and resources
  • Face-to-face lecture with experienced nurses and researchers
  • Clinical simulation exercises in our learning lab and
  • Supervised direct patient care in the field

Financial Support for Your Nursing Schools Education

A variety of financial assistance resources are available to students as loan and applicants to the College of Nursing:

Scholarships For Nursing Schools

Scholarships or education loans are open to all nursing students who meet the eligibility requirements outlined for each award on the MSU College of Nursing Scholarship List, available from your advisor. You must be enrolled in a College of Nursing undergraduate or graduate program and be in good standing.

Once you apply, you will automatically be considered for any student scholarships that you are eligible for. However, it is recommended that you make a note of the scholarships that are of particular interest to you in your application.

Selection and notification of recipients
Eligibility criteria vary for individual scholarships, but can include academic achievement, financial needs, leadership, and extracurricular involvement.

Scholarship applications are due March 1st of each year and recipients will be notified in May. Only students selected to receive scholarships will be notified. If you are selected, your scholarship award (s) will be credited to your student account in the following autumn semester.

In this contrast it is to be mentioned that CastleBrach affiliated schools are also a providing AACN. This will also a great help to those who are going to be nurse in coming days.


  1. Please fill out the scholarship application relevant to your program:
  • Applying for a scholarship
  • Application for a graduate scholarship (advanced practice)
  • Ph.D. Grant application
ABSN Program For Nursing Schools
ABSN Program For Nursing Schools

2. Please submit a scientific reference to the student secretariat.
3. All application documents must be received on or before March 1st in order for them to be fully considered.

Michigan State University Resources:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Financial Aid Office
  • FAFSA – Free application for federal study grants

Third-Party Funding for Nursing Schools Students:

  • American Association of College of Nursing (AACN)
  • – Medical Financial Aid Opportunities
  • Barbara Rhomberg Scholarship for Excellence in Nursing
  • CampusRN – Michigan Nursing Schools Scholarships
  • Scholarship Search
  • Scholarships
  • FastWeb – Free Scholarship Finder and Financial Aid Tools
  • Health Resource and Service Administration (HRSA) Scholarships
  • Michigan Center for Nursing Schools
  • Michigan League for Nursing
  • Michigan Nurses Foundation
  • Scholarship List
  • Nursing Schools Explorer
  • Scholarship Search
  • Tylenol Future Care Scholarship
  • Scholarship Directory
  • Scholarship List
  • Sigma Theta Tau Scholarship Directory

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