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CastleBranch Colleges of Nursing Screening and Clinical Experience Solutions

CastleBranch Colleges of Nursing Screening and Clinical Experience Solutions

CastleBranch has been a preferred AACN provider since 2005 and a leading provider of student background screening solutions. CastleBranch has a proven track record of meeting the specific needs of nursing schools, working with nearly two-thirds of colleges and universities across the country, including 340 AACN schools.

The CastleBranch service is student funded and there is no cost to your school or department. The student simply orders their background check online using a credit card or money order and the results are refunded within days. If your school would prefer to pay for student background checking, New CastleBranch can also raise institutional funding.

CastleBranch Colleges of Nursing

Through this partnership, AACN has negotiated a significant discount for members and their students. There are also discounted rates for teacher and staff screening available for schools.

CastleBranch Colleges of Nursing
CastleBranch Colleges of Nursing

Through this agreement, CastleBranch will contribute to AACN a percentage of the revenue of member institutions that enter into contracts for their services.

These contributions are used to support AACN advocacy and public relations work.

As a member of AACN, your students get a 10% discount, making CastleBranch a smart choice for student background checking.

Note that schools with existing contracts with CastleBranch may not take advantage of this offer.

My CastleBranch ( MyCB ) A Solution

My CastleBranch (MyCB) A Solution was designed in response to the overwhelming need from your students for a secure, online environment to facilitate order completion and manage their educational, professional and personal information.

A list of all documents required by nursing programs or clinical sites is posted to MyCB in an easy-to-read to-do list for students, accessible during the online order process. All background check, fingerprint and drug test results, as well as immunization records, medical records and important documents are stored online and are accessible by the student at any time. 

The MyCB iPhone and Android applications, built by CastleBranch, makes it easy for students to utilize MyCB features on the go. The app provides access to many of the same features of the web-based MyCB and includes the ability to scan and upload required documents using their iPhone or Android devices.

Provided at no additional cost to AACN members, MyCB helps students better manage their program requirements and prepare for life beyond school with resume, portfolio and reference management tools.

Place Your Order

To place your order go to: CastleBranch

Select the “Place Order” button; then “Please select”; Click Nursing and complete each of the following tabs:

RM98dt – Drug Test

RM98NP – Background Check – Medical Document Manager

During the order process, you will be asked for personal identification information that is required for security or compliance purposes. Providing accurate and comprehensive information is important to the speed with which your order will be completed.

The email address you use when placing your order becomes your username and is the primary means of communication for notifications and messages. Payment methods include: MasterCard, Visa, debit card, electronic check, money order, and installment payments.

Student Immunization Records Management And Document Manager

Student Vaccination Trackers and Quality Assurance are designed to reduce the time and expense involved in managing, storing, and reviewing vaccination, medical, and health certificates for students. As an AACN member, you have the option to register and receive a 35% discount on these services.

Student Immunization Tracker is a secure web-based management system that makes it easy to manage the required student records. Students conveniently upload their documents, send them by post or fax, which are then securely stored online where you and the student can view them. Maintaining your student records and certifications has never been easier.

The Student Immunization Tracker was designed from the ground up to be fully compliant with all federal laws, including HIPAA and FERPA.

The procedures for collecting, maintaining and storing student vaccination cards follow strict guidelines that protect the rights, safety and confidentiality of your students.

CastleBranch Colleges
CastleBranch Colleges

Quality assurance takes it one step further with the Student Immunization Tracker process by having CastleBranch provide you with a professional review of student records.

A certified medical transcriptionist will review all records for you to confirm valid records. If a record is invalid or needs to be edited, we will contact the student directly.

Along with managing student vaccination records, CastleBranch’s Document Manager allows you to keep track of additional student documents such as nursing records, RN licenses, fingerprint results, and CPR certifications. This service further eliminates the need to manage paper documents and provides you with a clean and organized online environment for managing student files.

As with all CastleBranch services, two payment plans are offered, funded by students and nursing schools. Regardless of the payment plan you choose, your school will receive a 35% discount.

AACN Scholarship Program for Students

CastleBranch has partnered with AACN to launch a new scholarship for students in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. To be eligible, students must attend schools affiliated with CastleBranch or NursingCAS. CastleBranch awards eight student scholarships annually, valued at $5,000 each, for a total of $200,000 over five years.

To apply, visit the Geraldine “Polly” Bednash Scholarship page.

Free COVID-19 Infectious Disease Compliance Screening Solution

Castlebranch has launched a new digital solution, CB COVID-19 Compliance, which enables AACN members to screen students for fever – a common COVID-19 symptom, information about a student’s travel and exposure to COVID -19 to collect and train to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The application follows CDC guidelines and was created in collaboration with a panel of experts, including Dr. George Astrakianakis, former Director of Disease Prevention for the Agency for Health and Safety at Work in Healthcare and an international expert on pandemic infectious diseases policy.

CB COVID-19 Compliance will be available free of charge to AACN members, students and associated healthcare partners through December 2020. 4263 ext. 7225,

To Do Lists

You can now respond to any active notifications or to-do list items, or come back later by logging into your account. You will receive notifications when information is needed to process your order and when the requirements are nearing the due date. Access your account at any time to view order status and completed results. Authorized users at your school have access to view your requirements and compliance status through a separate portal.

Medical Document Manager

Measles, Mumps, And Rubella (MMR)

One of the following requirements is required:

  • 2 vaccinations (at least 28 days apart)
  • Positive antibody titers for all 3 components (laboratory report required). If the titer is negative or not clear, 2 series of shots must be started.

Varicella (Chickenpox)

One of the following requirements is required:

  • 2 vaccinations (at least 28 days apart)
  • Positive antibody titer (laboratory report required). If the titer is negative or not clear, 2 series of shots must be started.

Hepatitis B.

One of the following requirements is required:

  • 3 vaccinations AND positive antibody titer (laboratory report required); If the titer is negative or not clear, 3 series of shots must be started and a new titer submitted.
  • 3 vaccinations and a signed waiver (available from the student office).
  • Positive antibody titer (laboratory report required).

TB Skin Test (2 steps)

One of the following requirements is required:

  • 2-stage TB skin test (every 1 week to 1 year)
  • QuantiFERON gold or T-spot blood test
    If positive results are positive, contact your caregiver; Provide a clear chest x-ray report (lab report required).

Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Whooping Cough (Tdap)

  • There must be proof of a Tdap booster for adults within the last 10 years.

CPR – BLS Certification

  • Must be the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider’s BLS course. Copy must be the front and back of the signed card.
CastleBranch Colleges of Nursing
CastleBranch Colleges of Nursing

Health insurance

Each August one of the following:

  • Present a copy of the current health insurance card (front and back).
  • OR Signed waiver form (located in the Academic Programs Office).


One of the following (done for free through the Research Medical Center):

  • Documentation of a flu vaccination administered during the current flu season
  • OR signed waiver

Confidentiality Statement (go to NU0000 in Blackboard);

  • Upload evidence of the outcome and date of the clinical orientation review and a signed copy of the confidentiality agreement.

Exhibition A, B & C

  • Print out forms (go to NU0000 in Blackboard) and sign Appendices A and B, leaving the facility blank; Just fill in the student information (middle section) on C and enter Camelia Williams, Room 123 at registration and she will sign and upload all 3.

MO State RN License

  • Provide a copy of your current MO RN license or a confirmation of the license from Nursys with an expiration date.

KS State RN license

  • Provide a copy of your current KS RN license or a confirmation of the license from Nursys with an expiry date.

Color Blindness Test (Performed in NU7063 During the Laboratory)

  • The student will attend during the NU7063 lab and the faculty will check in and the registrar will be on CastleBranch. upload

Preceptor Package

  • Don’t forget to give the information about the teacher package to Sherry Owen, room 124.