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LISC Small Business Aid

LISC Small Business Aid (Local Initiatives Support Corporation) is one of the largest social enterprises in the country supporting projects and programs to revitalize underserved communities and provide residents with greater economic opportunities. It invests in affordable housing, quality schools, safer roads, growing businesses, and programs that connect people with financial opportunity.

In response to the pandemic, it is providing resources and expertise to support communities, businesses and people. Grants can be used for: liabilities including rent and utilities; Payroll (to include the applicant); Payment of outstanding debt to seller; or other immediate operating costs.

LISC Small Business Aid

LISC Small Business Aid program aims to support small and COVID-19 affected businesses across the country. Priority will be given to black business owners, veteran-owned businesses, women owned business and other businesses in historically underserved locations that lack access to flexible, affordable capital.

LISC Small Business Aid
LISC Small Business Aid

Grants will be awarded to companies that are under immediate financial pressure due to COVID-19. Award winners must certify that they promote the best interests of the community and have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The grant can be used for:

  • Liabilities including rent and ancillary costs
  • Payroll (to include the applicant)
  • Pay outstanding debt to suppliers
  • Other direct operating costs

Amount: $18,000,000 is available to award up to 900 grants between $5,000 and $20,000.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be 18 years old and can only apply for one company. Small businesses must be located in rural communities with a population of 50,000 or less. A parish is defined as the city / town / village in which the business address is located.

If the company is mobile (a food truck, fishing boat, car pool driver, etc.), use the address where the vehicle is parked outside of business hours.

Deadline: Applications are accepted in rounds as follows:

  • November 26th – December 2nd, 2022
  • December 29, 2020 – January 5, 2022
  • January 26th – February 2nd, 2022

LISC Funding for Small Businesses

Local Initiatives Support Corp. Indianapolis Offers $130,000 in COVID Aid to Immigrant-Owned Small Businesses in Indianapolis. According to LISC program, 26 companies have each received $5,000 in grants with support from First Financial Bank, The Glick Fund, and Wells Fargo

The organization says immigrant-owned companies are disproportionately affected by COVID as many are over-represented in the service sector, especially in small restaurants. Language and culture barriers have caused limited access to COVID resources and small business grant support services, according to LISC Small Business Aid.

LISC Indy says priority has been given to investing in immigrant-owned businesses in historically underserved neighborhoods in Indianapolis.

The following companies received help:

  • African market
  • Ameer Middle Eastern Cuisine
  • Ariks rentals and decorations
  • Asked painting
  • CMT events and catering
  • Don Juan Vs Sandwiches
  • Don Gusto PJ restaurant
  • Ebenezer Haitian Grocery & Kitchen
  • Gomez BBQ
  • Gutters Plus Indy
  • Happy Angels day care center
  • Cozy hot pot & sushi buffet
  • Indy Korea
  • Khambawi Inc
  • La Fuente supermarket
  • Oriental market in Lungdam
  • Mia cleaning
  • Morales Marketing
  • Multiservicios Latinos
  • New Food King Chinese Restaurant
  • Nuh Nuh Asian Grocery LLC
  • Tapatía Mexican grill
  • The pantry
  • T-vertebrae crepe
  • Tu Tus beauty salon
  • Yoya frozen yogurt

Affordable Housing From LISC Small Business Aid

Thousands of property developers and development companies across the country are working to increase the availability of affordable housing. Housing projects cost money, of course, and developers often turn to government programs for funding.

LISC Small Business Aid
LISC Small Business Aid

When used effectively, government subsidies often encourage investment from the private sector. If this strategy is successful, the ratio of private to government investments can be as high as 5 or 6 to 1. One organization, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), is exploring creative ways to improve this relationship.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) was founded in 1980 with the intention of helping Community Development Corporations (CDCs) raise funds for affordable housing and related projects.

In its first 18 months, LISC small business aid helped over 130 communities in 28 states improve housing, infrastructure and economic development.

Funds For Affordable Housing

Over the years, LISC has used $11 billion in government funds to raise a total of $33 billion in investment dollars – all with the aim of building sustainable communities where people of all incomes can afford housing, access to education and Find work.

LISC recently received a $5 million grant from the Treasury Department’s Capital Magnet Fund to set up the Neighborhood Revitalization Loan Fund. The grant money will be combined with funds from Morgan Stanley to help initiate and support projects earning Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC). In addition to the §8 guarantees, subsidies can be used for the purchase of land, construction costs and advance development planning.

LISC small business aid currently plans to distribute the funds among 30 programs in the United States that support both urban and rural development. The Capital Magnet Fund was created by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 as part of the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) and is administered by the Treasury Department.

Last fall, LISC and similar organizations were awarded a total of $80 million. Proponents believe the Capital Magnet Fund is a great example of how a small amount of federal funding can be used to mobilize generous private funding for affordable housing projects.

As Congress continues to seek ways to cut spending and lower the public deficit, organizations like LISC must continue to research and promote methods for allocating private investment funds to low-income housing developments. Although federal funding for this type of project may be cut, affordable housing is needed more than ever as families face financial crises that make housing inaccessible at market prices.

Why Womxn ? Its Meaning And Definition

Why Womxn ? Its Meaning And Definition

The meaning of “Womxn”: There is a short story.

Womxn is an intersectional term intended to signal the inclusion of those who have traditionally been excluded from the white feminist discourse: black women, women of color and trans women. More recently, the term has also been used to include non-binary people.

Why Womxn?

With the removal of man or men in the end, womxn strengthens some as it is not defined in terms of men.


Moving on – as you have since then – today’s topic is the word womxn. (Hey, didn’t you just wonder about that?)

You may see it a lot this month, but not here. While womxn can be helpful to some communities, it is alienating to others – especially trans and non-binary people.

Thrown into the company’s Instagram bios with hindsight, pasted into the descriptions of online women’s groups, and thrown on marketing collateral, womxn isn’t the one-size-fits-all welcome sign it hopes for.

How Should I Use The Term “Womxn”?

“It is perfectly legitimate for individuals to want to use ‘womxn’ to describe themselves as long as they don’t assume that others will be happy with it,” says Prishita.

“But when talking about shared experiences with people of other marginalized genders, it is important to say ‘womxn and non-binary people’.

“Overall, I would say that the best strategy is to talk about the shared experience itself, for example ‘people who have menstruated’ or ‘people who have had pregnancy’. This allows our language to incorporate people’s different identities without assuming that they feel comfortable being referred to in a certain way. “

Gender-Related Terms That You Should Know

In order to really understand the problem at hand, there are a few terms that you should know beforehand, so here is a handy glossary. (Why do I always say “hand?”)

Cisgender: A person whose gender identity matches the gender assigned at birth.

Transgender: A person whose gender identity does not match the gender assigned at birth.

The binary gender: A scientifically incorrect and outdated (IMO) means of classifying gender into two different forms: male and female.

Non-binary: A person whose identity is outside the binary gender. For me, it means feeling happiest when I have no gender at all.

There are so many more terms that can help, but I have a word count.

Where “womxn” is controversial

As mentioned earlier, there are many valid and important reasons why people use the word womxn to describe themselves. When the term womxn is attributed to trans women or non-binary people without their consent, it becomes problematic.


Trans Women are Women. That’s It.

There’s no particular difference that should be made and making one is kind of transphobic, tbh. As Jennie Kermode, former chairman of Trans Media Watch said, “We would just write the usual way to women in general because we think it is important for people to recognize that trans women are women. Trans women are not a special, separate category. “

Non-Binary People are not Women (or Men).

From personal experience, being referred to as a woman can actually be quite dysphoric. When you use this term, you are still placing someone within the binary gender identity, which is in contrast to the non-binary identity itself.

Womyn vs Womxn

While both may seem harmless, each has a different meaning. Generally, womxn is used by people who consider themselves progressive and have good intentions in their inclusiveness – if not sometimes misguided.


Womyn, on the other hand, has become an anti-trans term used by radical “feminists” who mistakenly believe that trans inclusivity invalidates their plight.

Your view of gender (this gender = genitals at birth) is reducing and harmful.

“Womxn” is divisive

For Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin, LGBTIQA + community organizer and trustee of the direct action group Voices4London, the use of “womxn” to refer explicitly to Trans * and WOC is more divisive than inclusive, as these groups are already used in the terms ” Woman / women ”should be included.

“We claim and accept that trans women and women of color are women and have always been women. You don’t need a separate word to be included in what it means to be a woman, ”she says.

Also, the term “womxn” is now used in new ways, but not all of these uses are appropriate, adds Prishita. “As intersectionality has grown in popularity in mainstream rhetoric, ‘womxn’ is used to encompass a range of identities of marginalized genders, including non-binary people.”

“While some non-binary people can identify with ‘womxn’, it is important to realize that non-binary people are not women and that their identities should not be obliterated by being put under a roof that they do not consent to to have.”

But I Read an Article That Said ” Womxn ” is Inclusive

Whenever you are reading an article or post that presents yourself as a definitive resource, it is always important to double-check who wrote it.

Often times, the biggest proponents of the word womxn are cis women, who have decided on behalf of trans and non-binary people that the word includes them. As with any community, the best way to ensure representation and accuracy is to ask the actual members of that community what terms they are using.

While I can’t speak for every non-binary person, I can say that none of the non-binary friends I have interviewed informally would ever use the word womxn when referring to themselves. The word has a very large squick factor when applied to us.

Here Are Some Other Unintended Transphobic Phrases

There are entire threads devoted to words and phrases that allies * think * are supportive but are actually transphobic in practice. Some examples:

  • “Preferred Pronouns” Someone’s pronouns are their pronouns. They are not optional.
  • “Identified as” or “identifying women” This makes the gender seem like a cute little choice. It is not very much.
  • “Women and non-binary people.” The grouping of women and non-binary people can be dysphoric for those in the latter demographic. Even if it is not your intention, it means that non-binary people are “women lite”. For me it is interpreted as “women and people who we secretly think are women, wink, wink.” Not a good feeling.
  • “No men allowed (* transmen welcome).” If cisms are not allowed in a room, trans men shouldn’t be either. Otherwise, you’re still making a group distinction and – you guessed it – that’s transphobic.

The final result? Before applying labels, always ask the community you are applying them to first. And if you don’t know or follow anyone in this community, think about why that is and why you thought you were qualified to speak for them in the first place.

How Do I Show My Allyship?

Before using womxn to signal that you are a transinclusive person or room, consider why it isn’t already obvious.

If you want to know that they are welcome in your space, site, or product then include them – not by differentiating them, but by making an effort to showcase them without making a Big Deal ™ .

Always ask for consent first, of course. Don’t just post the content of a trans or non-binary person just to make your product look good. If you are serious about being progressive and supportive, do the job removing your own prejudice and let your feed / life / media reflect that.

When it comes to companies and brands, mission statements are a start, but cannot replace real change. Corporations need to view their actions with the same care as individuals.

Is it a good first step? If you see issues affecting trans women – especially trans women of color who experience heartbreakingly high levels of violence – talk about them. Not because it looks good, but because it’s right.

How to Degender Your Space?

If you are part of a gendered space, you may have to simply accept that the space may not be welcome even to non-binary people, despite the fact that it says “non-binary people are welcome”.

Why Womxn?

To do this, you should check that your marketing actually needs the full gender distribution.

Instead of: “This bra is for women who want a relaxed fit.”

Try: “For anyone who needs a relaxing fit at the end of a long day at work.”

Instead of: “Ladies, your period, Amirit?”

Try: “People who menstruate that can sometimes suckle.”

Instead of: “Women who are confronted with sexism.”

Try: “Those who experience misogyny.”

At the end of the day, having a gendered space isn’t transphobic – from support groups and mentoring programs to game nights and The Bachelor marathons. (I seriously only have one agenda, and it’s not the gay one.)

It only becomes transphobic if you tokenize others or any trans people there.

However, if you want your space to include non-binary people, you probably have a lot of work to do on segregating your content. And if you’re a cisperson, you probably aren’t the most qualified person for this.

Can I Still Use The Term “Womxn” for Myself?

Naturally! If womxn is powerful and meaningful to you then do it. Use it with dedication. A perfect word for some. Just don’t apply it to others without their consent, and pay attention to how it matters to those who are trans and non-binary.

Womxn, on the other hand, is something that I can get over with.

Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) 2022 | Apply Now

Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL)

Most small business owners know that the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides financial relief through the Small Business Administration (SBA) through two targeted loan packages – the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loans Program (EIDL).

The COVID-19 EIDL program, originally planned to run until December 31, 2020, was extended to December 31, 2022 with the passage of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) 2022. The original Economic Injury Disaster Loans advance expired on July 11, 2020 and is no longer available. While the CAA has created a new Targeted EIDL Advance, this program is only available to previous EIDL applicants in low-income areas identified by the SBA.

Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL)

The US bailout plan of 2022 provides additional funding of $15 billion for the special targeted Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) advance grants. It states that Targeted EIDL Advance Grant funds are not included in taxable income.

Economic Injury Disaster Loans
Economic Injury Disaster Loans

Here’s what you need to know to apply for Economic Injury Disaster Loans and information on the new Targeted Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) Advance if you qualify:

Key Takeaways

  • Although the original EIDL Advance program has expired, EIDLs will continue to be available through December 31, 2022.
  • You cannot apply for the new Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) Targeted Advance, which is only available to selected applicants in low-income communities.
  • When you qualify for a new EIDL Targeted Advance, you will be notified by the SBA.
  • As a small business, you must qualify for a COVID-19 EIDL based on the number of employees.
  • The maximum loan amount, based on the economic damage suffered, is $500,000 as of April 6, 2022.
  • Some loans approved before April 6th are eligible for an increase and borrowers will be contacted by the SBA.
  • The normal EIDL application has been streamlined and should take around two hours.

Eligibility Qualification

To qualify for an Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL), your company must meet the SBA definition and small business size standards, be in the United States or a U.S. territory, and have suffered working capital losses due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Definition Standards
According to the SBA, a small company is:

  • Is organized for profit
  • Has a place of business in the USA
  • Operates primarily in the United States or makes a significant contribution to the US economy by paying taxes or using American products, materials, or labor
  • Is independently owned and operated
  • Is not dominant in his area at the national level

EIDLs are also open to non-profit organizations. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), most private nonprofits should qualify for Economic Injury Disaster Loans. Other companies that qualify for EIDLs include religious organizations, as well as sole proprietorships and independent contractors.

Size standards

If your company (or cooperative) has 500 or fewer employees, you are likely considered a small business and are therefore eligible for this program. However, the number of employees is higher for companies in some sectors.

The SBA Small Business Standards table shows if your industry allows more employees. References to an alternative use of receipts (income) instead of the number of employees do not apply to the COVID-19 EIDL.

Location and Company Type Standard
Because the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) applies to all 50 US states; Washington, D.C .; and US Territories, virtually every small business in the United States and its territories qualifies by location.

In addition to what most people would call a business, these standards and credit availability options also apply to sole proprietorships, independent contractors, and the self-employed.

Loan Approval Conditions

The following loan approval terms reflect some relaxation of traditional Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) regulations:

  • You can borrow up to $200,000 with no personal guarantee.
  • Tax returns for the first year are not required and approval can be based on creditworthiness.
  • You don’t have to prove that you couldn’t get a loan anywhere else.
  • Loans of $25,000 or less do not require collateral. A general security interest in business assets can be used for loans greater than $25,000. You must allow the SBA to review your business tax records.

What is Available

COVID-19 EIDLs are intended to provide economic relief if your company is currently suffering from revenue losses due to the pandemic.

Starting April 6, 2022, you can apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) of up to $500,000 for 24 months of economic damage to pay for expenses such as fixed debt and payroll.

Apply For Economic Injury Disaster Loan
Apply For Economic Injury Disaster Loan

Some loans processed prior to this date may be eligible for an increase and the SBA will notify these borrowers.

The interest rate on EIDL loans is 3.75% (2.75% for non-profit organizations) and the repayment term can be up to 30 years. The COVID-19 EIDL includes an automatic one-year delay in repayment, with interest starting with the loan being paid out.

If you qualify and receive a Targeted EIDL Advance, the funds you receive are fully excusable. The amount you will receive is up to $10,000 business grant depending on what amount you may have received from the original EIDL Advance program. The following section, titled New Targeted EIDL Advance, provides additional details about the new Advance program, including the conditions under which you can qualify.

Optimized Application

EIDLs are funded by the SBA, so you submit your application to the SBA. The application process for the COVID-19 version of the Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) has been streamlined; The SBA says it should take you two hours and 10 minutes or less to complete the application for small business grant.


The application begins with a disclosure section that describes the loan and states that the information collected will determine whether you are eligible.

It includes a warning that if you do not provide all of the requested information, your loan will not be processed, as well as a reminder that the SBA is relying on your self-assessment of eligibility to receive the advance payment (if you apply) and that there is a There is perjury penalty if you are not truthful. After verifying your eligibility on the Disclosure page, you will be taken to a Business Information section.

Business information

This section is the longest and requires your income statement to be by 1/31/2022. Please note that not all answers are required. Sections marked with a red star must be completed. If not so marked, only fill in if they apply to your company.

Business Owner Information

Here you need to indicate whether your company is wholly owned by another company. If you are owned by individuals, you must provide information about each owner who has a 20% or more interest in the company. The information requested includes:

  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Social security number
  • Date and Place of birth
  • Citizenship Status

Additional Information About Economic Injury Disaster Loans

This section contains questions related to criminal charges against property owners and then proceeds to file the application.

Also, check your bank details to ensure a smooth process when depositing your funds directly.

The application can be found on the SBA Disaster Loan Assistance website. The SBA extended the application deadline to Dec.31, 2022.

New Targeted EIDL Advance

The new COVID-19 Targeted EIDL Advance is separate from the EIDL and has nothing to do with the earlier EIDL Advance, which is no longer available. The EIDL Targeted Advance went into effect on December 27, 2020 as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) 2022 and provides targeted “businesses in low-income communities with additional funding to ensure the continuity, adjustment and resilience of small businesses”.

This Program Offers Previous EIDL Applicants Who:

  • are in a low-income community within the meaning of Section 45D (e) of the Internal Revenue Code; and
  • Can demonstrate a decrease in sales of more than 30% during an eight week period from March 2, 2020 or later; and
  • Previously received an EIDL advance payment for less than $10,000

If You Meet all of the Above Qualifications and:

  • No advance payment due to lack of funds; and
  • Have 300 or fewer employees

You may also be entitled to the targeted Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) advance payment.

You don’t have to do anything to get these funds. If you qualify, the SBA will contact you on an official government email address ending in @ The SBA warns you not to send sensitive information to email addresses that do not end in @

When Can You Expect Your Economic Injury Disaster Loan Fund ?

Loan For Economic Injury Disaster
Loan For Economic Injury Disaster

According to the SBA, the Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) process takes at least 21 days. Not surprisingly, the actual duration will vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether there are questions or additional information is required

The Application Process in the Correct Order

  • Apply at
  • Receive loan offer. (This does not mean that you are approved.)
  • Choose your loan amount up to the maximum loan offer.
  • A loan officer will review your application and ask for more information if necessary.
  • A decision will be made and you will either be approved or your application denied.

If Approved:

You will receive an approval email from @ asking you to select your loan amount and sign documents.
Your credit money will be sent to your bank within 5–10 working days.

If Declined:

You will receive a rejection email from @
You can request a re-examination in writing within six months from the date of rejection.

Help Cheapest City to Live in California USA

Help Cheapest City to Live in California USA

California is a place of breathtaking scenery, sunshine and smiles, with year round springy weather, no income taxes on foreign earned income, no capital gains taxes, excellent world-class medical facilities, affordable medical plans and inhabited by the “Ticos”. who are a lovable and very attractive people. There are several cheapest city to live in California.

Who is moving to California? It is estimated that there are 77 million “baby boomers” in the US who retired in 2008, and it appears some are considering retiring in California. As do Canadians and numerous Europeans who are looking for the perfect climate and a more affordable place to live.

Cheapest City to Live in California

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSC)

The AHSC finances land use, residential, traffic and land protection projects that support infill and compact development and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Cheapest City to Live in California
Cheapest City to Live in California

The funds are available in the form of loans and / or grants in two types of project areas: Project Areas for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and Project Areas for Integrated Connectivity (ICP). There is an annual competitive funding cycle.

California Emergency Solutions and Housing (CESH)

The CESH program provides eligible applicants with grant funding for eligible activities to help those who are affected or at risk of becoming homeless.

Eligible Applicants are Administrative Entities (AEs) (local government, nonprofit, or unified funding agency) appointed by the Continuum of Care (CoC) to manage CESH funds in their service area.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) administers the CESH program with funding from the Building Homes and Jobs Act Trust Fund (SB 2, Chapter 364, Bylaws of 2017). HCD expects to manage the CESH funding in two rounds, with the first NOFA released in August 2018 and the second NOFA released in early 2019. It will help cheapest city to live in California.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

CDBG provides funding in four categories: Community Development (CD), Economic Development (ED), Community Services and Housing Activities, and Disaster Recovery Initiative (DRI).

CDBG grants can be used widely, but are primarily used to create a suitable living environment by expanding economic opportunities and providing decent housing to low-income households.

Funds are available in California communities that do not have CDBG funding directly from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) received. There is an annual competitive funding cycle for all but business development, which has an over-the-counter process for announcing the availability of funding.

I. Community development programs

II. Economic development programs

III. Drought-related lateral program

This program helps cheapest city to live in California and districts in connecting water systems to homes without drinking water due to the drought in the communities that do not receive CDBG funding directly from the HUD.

Housing for a Healthy California (HHC)

HHC provides competitive financing to provide supportive housing to property developers using federal operating reserve grants and equity loans from the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF).

The ministry will also use a portion of the funds raised in calendar year 2018 that were deposited into the Buildings and Workplaces Trust Fund to provide funding to counties through capital grants and operational support. The funds will be announced through a notification of the availability of funds.

Emergency Solutions Grants Program (ESG)

ESG provides grant funding through appropriate non-profit organizations or local governments for projects that help homeless individuals and families. ESG funds can be used for support services, emergency shelter / transitional housing, assistance in preventing homelessness and the provision of permanent housing.

Cheapest City to Live in California
Cheapest City to Live in California

Funding is available to help cheapest city to live in California communities that do not receive ESG funding directly from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Funding will be announced annually through a notice of funding availability.

Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME)

HOME supports cities, districts and non-profit municipal housing organizations (CHDOs) in creating and maintaining affordable housing for low-income tenants or owners.

HOME funds are available as loans for apartment renovation, new construction, acquisition and renovation of single and multi-family projects as well as a subsidy for tenant-related rental subsidies to support cheapest city to live in California.

At least 50 percent of the amount is awarded to rural applicants and 15 percent is earmarked for CHDOs. In California communities that do not have HOME funding directly from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, funds are available. Funding will be announced annually through a notice of funding availability and helps cheapest city to live in California.

Mobile Park Rehabilitation and Resident Ownership Program (MPRROP)

MPRROP provides short and long term soft loans for the maintenance of affordable RV parks owned or controlled by local organizations, nonprofit housing providers, or local government entities. MPRROP also gives long-term loans to individuals to ensure long-term affordability.

Funds will be provided through a competitive process in response to a regular notification of the availability of funds which is helping cheapest city to live in California. NOTE: MPRROP currently accepts applications over the counter.

How Much Money Can DoorDash Pay Delivery Dashers Make?

How Much Money Can DoorDash Pay Delivery Dashers Make?

DoorDash has developed a twofold business model. First, they work with restaurants that don’t currently offer delivery services and then offer them third-party delivery services. This third party consists of everyone who sign up for DoorDash and wants to make deliveries on behalf of local restaurants. They are known as Dashers.

Overview Of DoorDash Pay

As a Dasher, you download the app, select blocks of time that you have available for deliveries in your area, and then receive orders for deliveries on behalf of these local restaurants.

To become a Dasher, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a smartphone to access the delivery order app.
  • Have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and good driving license (if applicable). A car is not required in some places.
  • Include your social security number for a background check.

How Much Money Can DoorDash Pay Delivery “Dashers” Earn?

Dashers are paid for each delivery based on their location. You will also receive tips. You will also be paid extra if a delivery requires a long travel distance or is particularly difficult (e.g. if a long wait is required in a restaurant).

DoorDash Pay
DoorDash Pay

As a Dasher, you’ll earn $2 to $10 per order plus additional payment for promotions and 100% of tips. You can get additional compensation if you have to work during peak hours, drive to deliver your order.

Face certain challenges such as: B. execute a certain number of deliveries in a specified period of time. Fortunately, you know the minimum amount you can earn before taking an order.

“We didn’t want to have a lot of debt when she left school,” said Armaye Ejigu of Washington D.C.

“How much you can make can vary a ton depending on how much you work and when you work,” said Kevin Han of Minneapolis.

“I do it on my bike and I can bring in a few hundred a month, just a little after work and on the weekend. Of course, the more you work, the more you can earn. I would say expect $15-25 an hour. “”

What are the advantages of a DoorDash Pay Dasher?

There are several reasons why these driver gigs are attractive:

  1. Flexible Schedule
    Isn’t that one of the most important things we all look for in a side business? Fortunately, most of these app-based methods let you take a shift whenever you want or need to.
  2. Fast Payment
    DoorDash pays weekly. Fast Pay is also available if you need your money faster. You can request a daily payment for a fee of $1.99. You must be in a Fast Pay city, have completed at least 25 deliveries, and been there for at least two weeks to qualify for this program.
  3. You may not need a car (or a new car anyway).
    In some markets, DoorDash Dashers allows delivery by motorcycle, scooter, bicycle or even on foot. You will see the options when you log in. Even if a car is needed in your market, any car can be. They have no brand, model, or year restrictions.
  4. You don’t have to let people into your car
    This has been a big problem for many members of my community when it comes to gigs like Lyft where you chauffeur people from place to place. Fortunately, with DoorDash all you have to do is allow the food in your car.
Money From DoorDash Pay
Money From DoorDash Pay

DoorDash Pay Drivers Can Make Handsome Money

For every order available in the app, you will see a guaranteed minimum that you will receive for accepting the delivery. This amount is based on the distance traveled, whether you need to place the order and wait in person, the size of the order, traffic, parking, etc.

Even if the customer leaves little or no tip, you are guaranteed this amount. In these cases, DoorDash records the difference in the form of a “Pay Boost”.

If the customer’s tip takes you past this guaranteed price, you can keep the difference. You always get 100% of the tip and DoorDash pays at least 1 USD for each delivery.

Sometimes a “busy payment” is also available which is added to the guaranteed minimum. These announcements are sent to Dashers via the app, text or email.

Where to Get Doordash Pay?

Read these details! With incentives, you may need to take all orders, check in on time, or do a certain number of strokes.

Remember that as an independent contractor, you are responsible for the gasoline and maintenance of your vehicle. Always consider your expenses in terms of pay.

DoorDash does not promise any income potential on the website. If you want to get an idea of ​​what other Dashers are up to, reddit has a pretty active Door Dash subreddit.

Weekly Unemployment Benefit By State

Weekly Unemployment Benefit

Unemployment benefits are a lifesaver for many people these days. And the State giving weekly unemployment benefit. So US employers have shed millions of jobs since the current recession began.

The good news is that there have been many increasing signs of new home building and buying, unemployment rate, and consumer spending in recent weeks.

Weekly Unemployment Benefit

Perhaps the US economy is slowly coming out of the woods. And there are many consumers who have recently laid off and need help. This article addresses the problem of these benefits.

Weekly Unemployment Benefit
Weekly Unemployment Benefit

Losing a job is obviously a painful setback for anyone. And the job market is also very unstable.

What would you do if you lost your job and didn’t have the money to meet even your basic needs and responsibilities?

Well, unemployment benefits could help you through this difficult time. If you are unemployed and looking for a new job, you can claim unemployment benefits.

How To Apply Federal Unemployment Benefit?

The federal unemployment benefits are design to help people who are looking for temporary financial support. Your unemployment benefit depends on your qualifications, previous income and current economic status.

The UI (unemployment insurance) mitigates the effects of layoffs. However in order to claim your UI successfully, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

This article describes the basic steps that you need to consider for a successful UI Claim. Make sure you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

Criteria for Eligibility For Unemployment Benefit

State law has specified specific admission requirements for claiming unemployment benefit. These provisions determine the point in time and the amount of the compensation that you are entitle for.

First, you should be unemployed through no fault of your own. You are eligible if your employing company is downsize or you are lay off. You are not entitle to unemployment benefits if you quit your job on your own.

I. You should work for a specified period of time for at least a year
II. You should register with the state employment office
III. You should actively seek new work

If you meet these criteria, you can contact your state’s unemployment insurance company.

Start the process without delay.

Application Unemployment Benefit Process

You would have to start your application process as early as the first week after partial or complete unemployment.

  • You will usually not receive the benefits for weeks after making the claim. Ideally, you can claim from the exact date of unemployment. If not, you should have the right reasons for late filing.
  • You can only receive the benefits when all of the paperwork completed and your eligibility is fully verified. It will take a few weeks to get the benefits. And You can start the process in good time to avoid delay.

What Causes Unemployment Benefits To Be Denied?

If you are fully prepare to submit an unemployment benefit claim, you need to contact your state’s employment office.

  1. Your most recent pay slips
  2. A social security card
  3. The documents showing the reason for the loss of your job.

You can file a lawsuit over the phone or online. After completing a claim make sure that you have the following important documents with you. If you not fulfill the criteria your unemployment benefits may get denied.

Other Types of Help By Govt.

Remember last but not the least, the weekly maintenance. Training opportunities and other types of help with getting back into employment.

Such services can help you speed up the process of finding a new job and shorten the time it takes to be dependent on your benefits.

You might find such free counseling and professional training services in your city. They provide important information about job vacancies and the market. You should use online counseling services and you will need to look for a reliable counseling company online.

Amount Benefits Given by Gov.

The UIA employees calculate the amount of the weekly unemployment benefit. The highest wage amount that paying to a person in a base period quarter is multiply by 4.1 percent.

An amount of $6 is add for each loved one he claims, subject to a maximum of five dependents. The maximum amount of weekly benefit is capping at $362.

The number of weeks that a claim can make. It has been calculating by multiplying the person’s total base period wage by 43 percent.

Support For Jobless Peoples
Weekly Unemployment Benefit

How To Apply Federal Unemployment Benefit By State.

It is divide that number by the weekly benefit amount. The minimum claim period is 14 weeks and the maximum is 26 weeks.

You can find detailed apply federal unemployment benefit by state information on all aspects of the benefits on the Michigan Unemployment Benefit website.

Weekly Unemployment Benefit In This COVID-19

The weekly unemployment benefit amounts are based on your previous income. The states individually determine the maximum weekly benefit amount and the maximum length of time for which you are entitled to benefits. In Louisiana, you can receive unemployment benefits for a maximum of 26 weeks in any 12 month period. The maximum weekly unemployment benefit in Louisiana is $247 per week.

The following unemployment benefits programs are available to you if you have been unemployed due to COVID-19:

  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA): Individuals who are not eligible for federally funded unemployment benefits can qualify for PUA, which is available through March 13, 2022 and offers a weekly benefit amount of between $107 and $247.
  • Pandemic Emergency Allowance (PEUC): Individuals who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and are still unemployed due to COVID-19 can qualify for PEUC, which is available until the week of March 13, 2022 and has a weekly benefit amount between March 10, 2022 US dollar offers and $247.

You must remain eligible / eligible for each week that you apply for weekly unemployment benefit. You can work part-time while receiving unemployment benefits, but part of this income can be deducted from your weekly benefit amount.

Weekly unemployment benefit are subject to federal income tax and must be declared on your income tax return. Louisiana taxes unemployment benefits to the same extent as federal law. If you want, you can have federal income tax withheld from your unemployment extension benefit check.

How To Make a Weekly Claim ?

Most applicants can receive Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits for up to 26 weeks and in some cases 39 weeks. To receive payments after applying for UI benefits, an applicant must confirm eligibility each week using the claims reporting system.

Each week the weekly application is submitted, the applicant will be asked to certify that:

  • are unemployed or only work on a reduced basis
  • are able to work and available
  • Have not declined any job offers or recommendations
  • are actively looking for a job (if not waived)
  • indicate a pension they may receive
  • report any gross wages, vacation time (PTO), severance pay, and / or vacation pay they may receive

The weekly claim can be submitted online or mobile. Check out these frequently asked questions about unemployment insurance and how to apply for a weekly basis. Here is a helpful document that briefly describes the unemployment insurance application process.

Unemployment Insurance Taxes and Form 1099-G I.R.S.

Weekly Unemployment Benefits
Weekly Unemployment Benefit

Unemployment insurance benefits are subject to federal and state income tax. If you received unemployment insurance benefits in 2020, you will need the I.R.S. 1099-G tax form to fill out your federal and state tax returns 2020.

Please note that when you filled out your initial application, you decided whether taxes should be withheld from your weekly benefit amount.

If you have chosen not to withhold tax, you will have to pay the appropriate tax on all benefits received when you pay your taxes.

Maryland’s Division of Unemployment Insurance has issued a 1099-G tax form to all applicants who received weekly unemployment benefits in the 2020 calendar year (January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020) based on the delivery preference chosen on their BEACON portal .

All applicants can immediately access their 1099-G tax form by visiting their BEACON portal and selecting correspondence under “Your options”. Select “Search” to view all correspondence and select “1099” to view it.

If you selected U.S. Mail as your preferred shipping method, you will also receive a 1099-G tax form in the mail.

If you received a 1099-G tax form but did not apply for or receive any weekly unemployment benefit in Maryland in 2020, please complete this affidavit and email it to dlui1099- labor along with photo identification @

If you did not receive weekly unemployment benefit in 2020, you will not be responsible for paying any tax on that money once the Maryland Division of Amployment Insurance confirms that the application was fraudulently made.

To learn more about income tax credit, search for locations offering FREE Maryland CASH tax preparation, financial assistance with the cost of health grant through the Maryland Health Connection, and more, please visit our website.

Know How To Apply Federal Unemployment Benefit?

How To Apply Federal Unemployment Benefit

The federal government grant several benefits to people who are unemployed for certain reasons.

These are mainly passing on in the form of unemployment insurance programs. These are giving according to the guidelines of the federal law.

Apply Federal Unemployment Benefit

The right to unemployment insurance, the amount of benefits and the duration of benefits are based on national law. Here are a few points that would help you better understand federal unemployment benefits.

Federal Unemployment Benefit
Federal Unemployment Benefit

In order to receive Government unemployment benefit the unemployed person must meet the eligibility requirements for wages.

And / or hours worked for a specified period of one year. But the worker must also be ready to work.

How To Apply Federal Unemployment Benefits

To apply federal unemployment benefit, you must apply for recurring benefits with the UI program in the state you worked in.

Depending on the federal state, you can submit an application in person, online or by telephone; most states recommend online filing.

When making an application, you will need to provide your social security number, contact information and details of your previous employment. To find out the rules in your state, check with your state’s unemployment insurance company.

Under the current FPUC program, states are making an additional $300 weekly payment under weekly unemployment benefit to eligible individuals who receive regular federal unemployment benefit (including Federal Employee Benefit and Ex-Member Benefit) and those receiving benefits from the following programs :

  • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation
  • Pandemic unemployment benefits
  • Extended benefits
  • Short-time allowance
  • Trade adjustment aid
  • Disaster relief in the event of unemployment
  • Payments under the Self Employment Assistance Program.

FPUC was extended through the American Rescue Plan until September 6, 2022. However, a number of states have chosen to end their participation in the program early – meaning your $300 supplement may expire before then. Check with your state’s unemployment insurance office to determine the length of your benefits.

Understanding of Apply Federal Unemployment

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced states and companies to shut down, the US is likely to see high unemployment rates for months. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is forecast to be one of the toughest unemployment situations since the Great Depression, reported the unemployment rate at 6.7% at the end of 2020.4

Millions of unemployed Americans rely on Unemployment Insurance (UI) to cover their housing, groceries, and other expenses. Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) is one of several new programs introduced by the CARES Act to alleviate some of the economic pain caused by COVID-19.

Federal Unemployment Benefit
Federal Unemployment Benefit

Under the FPUC, eligible individuals receiving certain unemployment insurance benefits, including recurring federal unemployment benefit, received an additional $600 in federal benefits each week through July 31, 2020

FPUC is a lump sum granted to people who have received unemployment insurance, including those with a partial unemployment benefit check.

The original amount of $600 was reduced to $300 per week after the program was renewed in August 2020, provided your state signed the agreement on December 26, 2020.

The expiration date for this new weekly amount is September 6th, 2022. as expanded by the American Rescue Plan. 3

Please note, however, that a total of 25 states have decided to end the US $300 federal allowance early.

The best way to check the status of your federal unemployment benefit is to check with your country’s employment office. The Department of Labor lists the contact information for employment services for all fifty states on its website.

This program also applies to those receiving benefits under the new Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, which covers freelancers, independent contractors, and gig workers, and the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program, which extends UI to 24 additional weeks People who have reached their advantage 2

Criteria For Eligibility Federal Unemployment

First of all, one has to meet the standards that define that you are not unemployed for the wrong reasons. It must be established that you are not responsible for your unemployment.

You can exclude the following reasons from federal unemployment benefit :

Quit for No Good Reason. Sometimes your application of unemployment benefits get denied due to various reasons.

Get Resigning due to illness (in which case you are entitle to the disability pension.)

  1. Fired for misconduct
  2. Self-employed
  3. Left to get marry
  4. To go to school
  5. Engaged in an industrial dispute

The Federal Unemployment Benefit is as Follows:

I. In most countries, the period for regular benefits is 26 weeks.

II. The additional performance weeks are only available in times of high unemployment.

III. Each state has a cap on the maximum amount you can get in this process. Usually this amount is half of the average weekly wage. For example, While in New York you can withdraw a maximum of $505. In the state of Arizona it is $205.

IV. These apply federal unemployment benefits are subject to federal income tax. These must be show in the federal income tax return.

V. The extended unemployment benefit extends the period of 26 weeks by 13 weeks.

Filing an Unemployment Support Benefit

But Once you have been make redundant. You have to apply for unemployment benefit. The process would take about 2 – 3 weeks.

You can submit it online or even over the phone. To make a claim, Here are the federal unemployment benefit details of the information you need to have on hand:

  1. The social security number
  2. If you are not a US citizen, you must have the Alien Registration Card
  3. Your postal address with the zip code
  4. The telephone number
  5. Names, addresses and employment details of all previous employers for the past 2 years

How Long Can You Collect Unemployment Benefits?

The Federal Ministry of Labor works with various states to provide federal unemployment benefits to people who become unemployed due to unforeseen circumstances. The admission criteria and benefits differ from state to state and also differ from case to case.

The guidelines are drawn up by considering the unemployment rate in a particular state and comparing it to the unemployment rate across the nation.

However, the basic rules for reaching the final amount are almost the same across the United States. The official website of a particular state has more details on how to do this.

To be eligible for the benefits, the person should have been employed continuously for at least one year. The individual should also provide records of that they are not responsible for being terminated from their current job.

Individuals can only make their claims once a year. Benefits would be granted to the person for a period of 26 weeks. You can apply for an unemployment extension benefit if you think you may not be able to find a job within the eligibility period.

Federal Unemployment Benefit
Federal Unemployment Benefit

However, the likelihood that you will be granted an extension may vary depending on the state. The extension period is usually 13 weeks after the regular unemployment period. You may not receive the same amount every week in a row. The amount paid depends on the unemployment scenario across the nation.

If you can find a new job within the benefit period, you will not receive unemployment benefit. If you become unemployed again in the same year, you will still be entitled to the remaining amount of the benefit.

Apply Federal Unemployment, How To Apply Federal Jobless Benefit.

Special Considerations

Federal law allows considerable flexibility for states to amend their laws to provide unemployment insurance benefits in several COVID-19-related situations. For example, states can pay benefits if:

  • An employer is temporarily closing due to COVID-19 to prevent employees from going to work.
  • One person is in quarantine and expects to return to work when the quarantine is over.
  • A person quits work to care for a family member or to home-school their children at risk of COVID-19 exposure or infection.

What 5 Causes Unemployment Benefits To Be Denied?

Causes Unemployment Benefits To Be Denied

Unemployment benefits are available to many employees who have been separate from their jobs. But what are the causes unemployment benefits To Be Denied. The jobless benefits to be denied. And whose working hours have been reduced through no fault of their own.

However, if you have left your job and applied for unemployment insurance. There is a possibility that you will be rejected. Here are some of the most common reasons this can happen.

Causes Unemployment Benefits To Be Denied

You quit your job voluntarily. Your unemployment benefits to be denied if you voluntarily quit your job for no compelling reason or for good cause. Quitting based on personal preference is neither a compelling reason nor a good reason.

Causes Unemployment Benefits To Be Denied
Unemployment Benefits To Be Denied

To be consider an important reason, you must have resign out of necessity. Before you quit, you must have made good faith efforts not to quit your job.

This means that before quitting. You must have informed your company of the problem and given the company a chance to resolve it.

On the other hand sometimes the single mothers are also become jobless. So the federal government also giving financial support to the unemployed single mothers. These supports really helps to those single moms.

The Circumstances That Makes You Jobless

There are a few circumstances that are consider compelling reasons why you are force to quit your job:

  • Family circumstances that made it impossible for you to work.
  • Financial difficulties.
  • Unacceptable working conditions.
  • You are deceive about the terms of employment.
  • Your employer refused to pay you.
  • Abusive behavior from your employer, such as abusive behavior, profanity at work, unfair allegations or discrimination based on race, gender or age.
  • Unsafe working conditions.
  • Transportation problems.
  • Leaving for other employment.
  • You have good reason to quit your job if the average person would have quit their job in the same situation.

You Have Been Fire From Your Job

If you have been fire for willful misconduct or for any other legitimate reason.

Your will be denied unemployment insurance benefits. Your employer must prove this in court when you appeal.

Other Reasons Should Keep In Mind

Other Disqualifying Reasons

Your state employment office may reject your application or revoke your benefits for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Do not report any other income that you receive while you are unemploy.
  2. Refused suitable work.
  3. May or may not be able to work.
  4. Detain after being convict.
  5. You are on a strike.

If your employer denies your claim.

Rejection Of Unemployment Benefits
Rejection Of Unemployment Benefits

When you apply for unemployment benefits, the government agency will review your application with your previous employer.

This is because employers have to pay into unemployment insurance. Depending on many factors, the amount of payments made by each employer can vary significantly.

5 Reasons Why Your Unemployment Benefits To Be Denied

Unemployment benefits have become a major source of temporary income for millions of Americans as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. But not all unemployment claims are accepted.

If you don’t meet your state’s eligibility criteria, it could refuse you and potentially leave you without the required income.

There are a number of reasons for this, including some that are not as obvious. Here are five of the most common reasons for your application for unemployment to be rejected, and what to do if they are.

1. You Didn’t Make Enough Money During Your Base Time

Most states determine your unemployment entitlement by looking at your income over a base period. These are usually the first four of the five most recently completed fiscal quarters. So if you registered as unemployed in March 2020, it means that your income will be considered from October 2018 to September 2019, and if you apply in April 2020 your income will be generated from January to December 2019.

You will likely need to provide evidence that you had taxable income for at least two of the four quarters during the base period. Some states will consider an alternate base period, usually the last four full quarters, if you are not eligible for unemployment based on the traditional base period. The exact minimum amount that you have to earn during your entire period of real estate employment varies depending on the federal state, and this also determines the amount of your unemployment benefit.

If you didn’t make enough money during the base period, appealing your decision probably won’t help. So you will need to explore other options to make ends meet, like the tips below.

2. You Didn’t Make Enough Money in Your Upper Quarter

In addition to the base period earnings requirements, some states require you to earn a certain minimum amount in the highest income quarter of your base period. Again, the exact requirements vary by state, and your top quarter income may determine the level of your benefits. If you don’t meet the minimum requirements, you will need to look for other forms of assistance.

3. You Left Out Some Information in Your Application

Your state employment office may consider that you have not met the income requirements if you have not submitted all of the required information with your application. For example, if you have forgotten to name one of your employers in the last 18 months, the employment office may not include the money you earned in this position against your base wage and reject your application.

In this case, you can appeal your unemployment benefits to be denied and provide the additional information that you forgot the first time. However, it will take some time to process the application again. So it is better to check that you have provided all the relevant information in your first application.

4. Your Company Grants You Paid Sick Leave or Family Leave

You will not be eligible for unemployment benefits to be denied if your company continues to pay you for sick leave or family leave during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you apply while receiving this assistance, your application will be rejected. However, after this paid leave you may be entitled to unemployment if you cannot return to work.

5. You Are Resigning for Reasons Other Than COVID-19

You usually won’t be eligible for unemployment benefits to be denied if you quit your job, although the federal government has made an exception for those who quit due to the COVID-19 pandemic so people aren’t forced to choose between their financial security and their health . However, if you quit for any other reason, make sure you have another source of income as you cannot face unemployment.

Unemployment Insurance

One variation is based on how often an employer fires employees who then receive benefits. Each employer is assign an “experience rating” that measures how often an employer fires workers who then claim unemployment.

Causes Unemployment Benefits To Be Denied
Unemployment Benefits To Be Denied

The more often the former employees of an employer make claims, the more the employer has to pay into the system.

You can easily see that an unscrupulous employer could try to keep their payments low by denying the claims of former employees.

There may even be times when you file your weekly unemployment benefits claim and collect checks after you are laid off.

But after a few weeks your checks won’t come because your previous employer has disputed your claim!

You Have The Right To Appeal

If you are disqualified and not receiving unemployment extension benefits, you have the right to appeal. The state will inform you of your rights of appeal. There is a set time frame within which you must file an appeal.

If your previous employer filing a dispute. It is up to them to prove that you are fire because of a termination that you cause.

For example, if they claim that you have been fire for bad behavior. They will be requiring to provide personnel letters you have signing documenting the alleged violation.

So if you apply for unemployment insurance and get denied, make sure you have a legitimate reason – or get ready to appeal.