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Importance Of CyberGrants | A Vast Overview


CyberGrants gives you the most complete and trusted way to maximize the impact of your corporate social responsibility efforts so that you can achieve agile social impact.

For nearly 20 years our business has been delivering innovative software and services in the safest and most efficient way possible. We have hundreds of customers, including more than half of the Fortune 100. In the last twelve months alone, we’ve processed over $6.5 billion and more than 50 million volunteer hours. Almost a third of corporate donations are processed using CyberGrants software.

We connect the global givers of time, money and products with those who can benefit most from them. No matter how complex your requirements or programs are, CyberGrants is the only technology partner with a proven unified platform that can turn all of your initiatives into real impact.

Why CyberGrants ?

Are you a non-profit organization or business looking for information on CyberGrants?

CyberGrants Softwere

Good news! While Double the Donation is a separate company that specializes in helping nonprofits raise more money from matching gift programs, we can share much of the CyberGrant information you are looking for.

It is important that companies encourage participation in their work programs, including appropriate gifts. CyberGrant is one of the leading corporate donation providers that can help companies do this. What you need to know:

About CyberGrants

CyberGrants has been a leader in online granting for over 20 years. In 1995, just as AOL was just beginning to distribute these infamous free sign-up CDs, CyberGrant was introducing online corporate grant management and employee donation software. Over time, the company has made many firsts in the categorical granting space, including:

  • Development of the first online application.
  • Provided the first online funding management tools.
  • Developed the first online job donation and volunteer system for companies.

These ongoing innovations have made CyberGrants a leading provider of online grants and employee donation tools.

Quick Facts: CyberGrant corporate customer base includes more than 40 of the Fortune 100 and nearly 70% of the publicly traded companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Overview Of The Benefits Of CyberGrants :

Check The Grant Allocations With Your Budget

CyberGrants offers special functions for grant providers and their employees. One of these functions is budget tracking. This feature helps grant recipients verify that their grant assignments are within the budget limits they have set for their organization.

Create Specific Dashboards

Another user-friendly feature of the software is the ability to create dashboards that can be tailored to the specific roles and functions of employees and employees in the organization. This allows people within the organization to use familiar interfaces to access information and perform donation-related tasks from anywhere and at any time.

Speed ​​Up The Approval Process

CyberGrants accelerate the approval process. The software allows users to create rules that define how applications are approved. Approval processes can be carried out and configured both online and offline.

Strengthening Compliance And Risk Management By Validating The Tax Status

Compliance and risk management is a unique feature of CyberGrant. Users can track and validate the tax status of organizations applying for grants. For example, you can verify that the organization is eligible for a tax exemption under Section 501 (c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

This section of the said Code is the legal basis for exemption from federal tax to non-profit organizations, associations and foundations when their main activity is religious, charitable, scientific, literary, educational and amateur sports competitions; and prevention of women, children and cruelty to animals.

Watchlist Scanning

As part of the compliance and risk management function, the grants management software enables users to perform a watchlist scan. Here you can compare your data on the scholarship holders with whom you are involved with international watchlists and relevant databases. Watchlist scanning is built into the software, so users can do it right in the software instead of having to do it separately with other sources.

Benefits Of CyberGrants
Benefits Of CyberGrants

Make The Application Status Available At Any Time

Since CyberGrants is a tool that is beneficial not only for fellows but also for fellows, the software offers a number of features that inspire and empower fellows.

At any point in time during the approval process, scholarship holders can monitor the status of their scholarship application and check whether any funding requirements are missing.

By completing and submitting the necessary grant requirements, they will be able to follow the progress of their application.

Let Fellows Complete The Questionnaires Before Screening To Save Time

A time-saving function is available in CyberGrant that enables scholarship holders to complete preliminary questionnaires. You can do this independently.

This way, they can instantly determine if they are qualified for the scholarship programs run by the organization, so they don’t waste time applying for scholarships for which they are not qualified.

Extensive Network That Is Accessible With A Central Login

CyberGrants also allows grant recipients to join a huge network where they can view available grant programs from various organizations, apply for those programs, and access their pending and approved grant applications with the organizations they deal with.

The great thing is that they can access this network through a central login, so they can manage their scholarships in one place and track pending grant applications with ease.

What CyberGrants Does

CyberGrant specializes in two areas: employee donation systems and grant management for corporate, family and private foundations.

Employee donation systems for companies
While Double the Donation provides suitable gift tools for non-profit organizations, CyberGrant offers services for companies that want to optimize their donation systems for employees.

The platform offers companies a range of services related to administration and management:

  • Personal matching gifts for employees
  • Individual volunteer events
  • Executive matching
  • Rapid response / disaster relief management
  • Dollars for Makers / Volunteer Recognition Programs

Consider CyberGrants’ employee donation system if you want to create, manage, and manage every aspect of your employee donation program.

Funding Management For Companies And Foundations

As one of the original players in the business creation software space, CyberGrant provides end-to-end solutions for companies looking to take grant awarding to the next level.

The company’s web-based software enables nonprofits to submit their grant applications online, while providing businesses and foundations with the tools they need to manage the funding cycle.

The features of your software include:

  • Customizable non-profit application portals so that a company’s brand is at the center
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Extensive business intelligence
  • Automated cross-checking for compliance

If it is easy for businesses and nonprofits to manage and submit grant applications, it provides an opportunity for nonprofits to get the funding they need and for businesses to do good in their communities.

Companies That Use CyberGrants

Double the Donation’s services enable non-profit organizations to increase their donation income through matching gift programs. To do this, we keep in touch with companies that offer appropriate gift and volunteer programs to understand their program policies and procedures.

Since CyberGrant is one of the largest providers of employee development software for companies, it is not surprising that many of the companies in our matching gift database use their software.

Some of the corporate users of CyberGrant Employee Giving System are:

  • Bank of America
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Walmart & Sam’s Club

This is what the CyberGrants portal for Walmart looks like:

CyberGrant provides the above and many other companies with an easy way for their employees to access their workplace donation programs and track their donations online.

If your company wants to make it easy for its employees to partake in corporate donations, CyberGrants is an excellent provider to consider.

Importance Of CyberGrant

Cybergrant is one of the fundraising software with the most advanced application service provider.

His achievement lies in maintaining an appropriate balance of technical know-how as well as listening comprehension and customer support. strives to be the leading provider of management solutions in state-of-the-art facilities. Your goods are not flexible, but also cost-effective, especially since practicality is such an issue today. is a pioneer of its kind and has been in business for over seven years.

How Do I Contact CyberGrants?

If you are a company interested in learning more about CyberGrant, there are three ways to contact the company:

  • By email:
  • By phone: (978) 824-0300
  • By mail: CyberGrants, Inc., 300 Brickstone Square, Suite 601, Andover, Massachusetts 01810

Contact us to find out more about CyberGrants services!