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Find Best Doctoral Scholarships In US Education

Best Doctoral Scholarships

Doctoral Scholarships stand at the end of a long academic career as the next step for those who wish to advance their academic degree to true research status. They are also the key ingredient for those looking to move into higher education and potentially a professorship in academia.

However, doctoral scholarships programs do not come cheap. Many require thousands of dollars to attend while also requiring a great deal of energy, time, and effort. That leaves little time for someone to also work and earn a paycheck. As a result, doctoral scholarships and related grants provide important lifelines for graduate students and their research to keep going during their studies.

Doctoral Scholarships

Grants and scholarships for doctoral students are recipients of financial support that do not have to be repaid. In general, grants are need-based while scholarships are based on character or merit.

Doctoral Scholarships
Doctoral Scholarships

For graduate students, especially graduate and under graduate students, scholarships are often career-specific.

In contrast, undergraduate scholarships are typically open-ended and merit-based scholarship. Doctoral scholarships sometimes include tuition requirements, and some ask for recent GMAT or other graduate-level test scores.

The FAFSA And The Availability Of Doctoral Scholarships Program

There is no shortage of Doctoral Scholarships programs in the United States. Every major college or university offers a doctoral scholarships in some or all major programs, offering candidates a PhD upon successful completion. In this regard, for those candidates who are accepted into a school’s doctoral program, the college or university is the first port of call for doctoral scholarships and grants.

High-ranking educational institutions actively receive philanthropic and government funding for study and research. These funds are then awarded to students at a particular school in the form of specific school student scholarships. So, those looking for additional financial aid should at least consider applying to their own school’s financial program before attempting anything else.

The starting process, of course, is to fill out the Free Federal Student Aid Application or FAFSA form before the start of a particular school year. This federal form provides a standardized entry of a student’s information into federal and school databases to determine eligibility. This makes it a basic entry point and a practical financial requirement for any doctoral scholarships student.

Universities and schools also offer their own private grants and scholarships. For example, the Stevens Institute of Technology offers the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Doctoral Fellowship, designed to support high-performing students conducting research that holds promise for innovation and science-based disruptive technology advances.

The George Mason University School of Public Policy awards the Fulbright Public Policy Fellowship to postdoctoral researchers seeking positions in foreign government positions, as well as various dissertation and research grants for ongoing doctoral work. As expected, candidates must already be graduate students working at George Mason University.

Specialty Funding Options

Within each doctoral scholarships program there are specialties. As a result, many have the potential to generate a large amount of financial support as various private and public interests want to see the progress of research in a particular subject. Many universities also partner with state programs to provide federal and state funding for research goals. The scholarships and programs also provide much of their administration within the program of a particular school.

The program management and the professors ultimately decide which doctoral students receive specific program funding in the form of program grants. Again, the FAFSA application is required before a review can take place. Additionally, the graduate student must be accepted, enrolled, and actively working in a specific school program in order to be admitted.

Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright program is generally a grant-giving organization that promotes international educational exchange and is funded by the US government. While the organization does not provide general PhD funding per se, it funds a number of programs that can be used to support a PhD student‘s academic career. Additionally, once the student has graduated, the program can expand post-doctoral activities with similar scholarship support.

The Fulbright program has a number of categories that also cater to specific student groups. For example, there is the Israel PhD Scholarship program which provides 16 different scholarships for suitable candidates. These funds are distributed annually to students working at a US-accredited university or research institute. The grant will pay up to $37,500 to provide partial subsistence assistance to students in their first year of research in the United States at an eligible institution.

There is no specific field for eligibility; In fact, recipients from healthcare, engineering, and even agriculture can apply. However, people in healthcare programs with direct patient contact are not eligible to apply. Recipients also enjoy health insurance coverage paid for by the scholarship during the period of covered study in the United States.

Agency Specific Scholarships

State programs directly support doctoral students in certain fields of study. These can range from social studies to health. For example, the federal government provides a large number of authority-specific grants for both study funding and research projects.

The Housing and Urban Development Agency supports doctoral studies to improve housing and urban design. Students seeking support for related research may receive federal agency funding as long as the benefits of the research are shared in the form of reporting with the government. HUD support can cover research, tuition, and living expenses if the student meets all necessary requirements.

Demographic Preferences

Many grants are established and geared towards promoting the work of underrepresented groups in society. Therefore, these programs can be availed by PhD students who fall into specific groups. While most students want to be recognized based on their ability and achievement, those who are eligible are given the opportunity to advance with additional preference.

Program For Doctoral Students
Program For Doctoral Students

While fundamentally a demographic preference, such students can use the funds to even out the range of doctorates held by their demographic if they are successful. Some of the well-known doctoral scholarships programs are:

Additionally, private foundations will also target specific demographic candidates, as explained below.

Scholarship providers set the criteria for the selection of scholarship recipients. While the list below is not exhaustive, it provides a glimpse of the doctoral scholarships available.

Fulbright U.S Student Program

Amount : Varies Deadline : August 1st

Eligibility : Be a citizen or US citizen and have a bachelor’s degree. Meet the language requirements of the application country and register any other scholarship or grant. Must not have previously lived or studied in the application country, except for undergraduate studies abroad.

Description : Funds a year of study, research and cultural exchange abroad. Can support studies in different countries around the world focusing on areas such as education, business, public health, journalism and communication, arts, science and humanities.

The Beinecke Scholarship Program

Amount : $4,000 Immediately + $30,000 While Attending Grad School

Deadline : 2nd Wednesday of February

Eligibility : College juniors who plan to pursue postgraduate studies in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. Be a citizen or US citizen and have received need-based financial aid as a student. Students pursuing an advanced degree in neuroscience, law, economics, public health, public policy, or social work should not apply.

Description : Supports highly motivated college juniors pursuing graduate degrees and doctorates in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Purpose to motivate younger students to plan for a further future.

AMA Valuing Diversity PhD Scholarship

Amount : $1,000 to $2,500 Deadline : May 4th

Eligibility : You must be a US citizen or permanent resident and a member of an underrepresented population (e.g., African American, Hispanic, or Native American). Completed at least one year doctoral degree in marketing or advertising.

Description : Represents an effort to raise unheard voices and bring diverse perspectives to the industry. Awards several grants annually for the marketing or promotion of graduate students representing underserved populations. Previous applicants who have not been selected may reapply.

William (Bill) Ezzell Scholarship for CPAs

Amount : $10,000 Deadline : 1st March

Eligibility : Be a CPA and have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting. Have a GMAT score of 650 or higher (or GRE equivalent) intend to teach accounting after graduation and enroll in an accounting Doctoral and PhD program.

Description : A career-based doctoral scholarships students designed to support those passionate about pursuing a profession and giving back to the accounting industry and community.

Irzyk Veteran Scholarship

Amount : $2,000 Deadline : August 31st

Eligibility : Be a US citizen and a veteran enrolled in an accredited university. The focus is on students with Commendations for Combat and Honorable Service.

Description : Named for Brigadier General Albin F. Irzyk, who commanded tanks in World War II. An example of a broad category of scholarships by veterans for veterans.

ALA Century Scholarship

Amount : $2,500 Annually Deadline : 1st March

Eligibility : For library science students with proven medical disabilities. Must have financial need and be a US or Canadian citizen.

Description : An annual scholarship sponsored by the American Library Association to provide housing for students with disabilities pursuing a library sciences degree.

Private Organization Assistance

Many private foundations are also a good source of student grants and scholarships through direct applications. These institutions represent private companies or high net worth individuals interested in further advancing specific research areas.

The Eileen Blackey Doctoral Fellowship is funded by the NASW Foundation and provides partial financial assistance to approved applicants working in welfare issues and policy development. A successful applicant receives $2,000 per year. The student’s dissertation must deal with a topic directly related to welfare policy.

The KPMG Foundation is driving the PhD project, which is aimed at graduate students who are also African American Students, Hispanic or Native American, pursuing a degree in economics. Ideally, these candidates aspire to a career in economics and related professor positions.

The Ford Foundation grant program provides 60 grants for preparatory work. Candidates must be working in either a philosophical or scientific field and have an appropriate PhD. Successful candidates will receive a $20,000 grant for living expenses during the research period. In addition, candidates receive a $2,000 rebate on tuition for one year.

Doctoral Scholarships For Medical Students

A number of grants and scholarships are available for those studying in the medical field or related sciences. Students can find many of these by doing online research by simply entering their field of study and the word “scholarship” into a search engine. Below are a few examples, some of which will provide significant support to successful applicants who apply.

Scholarships For Doctoral Students
Scholarships For Doctoral Students

The Oncology Nursing Society Foundation seeks to expand the work of graduate students in nursing and is providing two grants to eligible applicants.

Eligible applicants are those pursuing a PhD in Nursing Oncology, either as a clinical PhD or research degree. Successful candidates may receive a $3,000 or $3,500 annual stipend.

The American Cancer Society awards a doctoral scholarships in cancer nursing, with successful candidates receiving support for two years and funding $15,000 per year in nursing science.

The winning candidate will work in cancer research and seek dissertation support in the academic work of cancer nursing.

The Physiotherapy Foundation aims to advance the science of physiotherapy with new research and techniques as a result of research. To this end, the Foundation supports graduate students with the Florence P. Kendall Doctoral Scholarships, which awards annual stipends of $5,000. The funds can be used for all direct costs associated with a related scholarships for doctoral students in education program, including tuition and school fees.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics funds the CDR Doctoral Scholarships and is seeking candidates who are registered nutritionists pursuing a PhD in a related field of study. Those who are successfully recognized will receive a $10,000 stipend. Those who are eligible may pursue a doctorate scholarships in research, education, public health, or clinical nutrition.


Doctoral scholarship students and applicants have many opportunities to obtain Doctoral Scholarships from both private and public sources. And these sources are all in addition to normal academic financial aid from state-funded graduate student loans and general federal grants. However, with so many students seeking support, the competition can be fierce in some cases.

Many of these scholarships for doctoral students in education programs are competitive, and many schools or foundations that administer the scholarships look for outstanding students who demonstrate promising and unique research ideas that promise significant advancement in a field. So PhD students need to both plan for their financial needs and continually market their proposals to get the best opportunities from doctoral scholarships providers.