$7000 Government Grants for Cattle Farmers

Government Grants for Cattle Farmers

If you are planning to raise cattle for agricultural or business purposes you need government grants for cattle farmers. The first thing you need to do is determine your purpose and the breed of cattle that you are going to breed. Because every breed of cattle has different needs. If you don’t know what type of cattle you have, it is going to be a huge headache for you.

If you have a tendency to raise cattle for the beef industry, your first problem is the adequacy of the land you will be raising your cattle. The fact that the human population is clogging up the land, thus giving farmers and ranchers some room to raise their cattle, would then be a big problem for you.

Government Grants for Cattle Farmers

Cattle must graze and should be kept in an open field. When I say open field, it doesn’t mean you can only have a few square feet of land. It denotes hectares and hectares of land area. However, if raising cattle for farmland is not a problem, farmers can simply put their cattle in their backyard for fattening purposes.

Government Grants For Cattle Farmers
Government Grants For Cattle Farmers

Another intriguing issue is the capital to keep the livestock business going. When you raise livestock, you need to make sure you have enough money to keep your business going.

And at that moment you need government grants for cattle farmers. Especially if you don’t have a hundred acres of grazing land.

You have to buy feeds for them. Not just feed, but other supplementary needs of your cattle as well, depending on the breed you have. In contrast to the cattle business.

Cattle do not need as much capital for agriculture. Farmers are only looking for hay and fresh grass to feed them.

Learning Things When Starting The Cattle Farming

There’s more to cattle handling than just being able to rope up a cow that is moving at 20 miles an hour. What you have to do is learn the ropes. But that is only the first aspect, the second aspect of cattle handling is the right equipment.

Learn The Basics

You need to know about the animals that you will be taking care of. Most ranchers also tend to horses and some raise poultry. You need to know about these animals because you need to foresee their actions and the situations they would most likely find themselves in and how to respond to them.

For example, you need to know how to move them from one place to another without wiring them all up. You also need to know about diseases – whether those diseases are fatal, contagious, or common in your area. These are all for your need of government grants for cattle farmers.

One surefire way to do this is by working on a cattle ranch. Nothing beats first hand knowledge. If you want to get started on your own as soon as possible, you can talk to vets, fellow ranchers, your neighbors, and the locals (especially if you’ve just moved in).

Another way to get Government Grants for Cattle Farmers check out online resources. There are community forums for ranchers. Join one, ask around, and start learning.


In addition to learning the basics of rearing livestock, you must now get the right equipment for moving livestock. The items under this list are calf tables, crush chutes, cattle bars, cattle scales and other accessories. Note that these are required to keep the animals calm for veterinary checks and weighing, as well as for transporting the cattle.

Calf tables are widely used in veterinary exams, castration, and branding. Some calf tables have an adjustable floor width and a leg plane for castration.

Government Grants for Cattle Farmers
Support For Cattle Farmers

Cattle head gates are used when catching cattle, sick or not. Some cattle headgates are automatic. They have a self-catching mechanism that allows you to catch cattle without a partner – just lead the cow up the alley and you’re good to go. Crush chutes are “containers” for cattle.

These are used when transporting cattle and for injections because they restrict freedom of movement. Some crush chutes come with levers for adjusting the floor height, removable floor panels for access, and a hook for connecting to a truck or vehicle cabin.

Additional accessories for cattle transport are head chains, head bars or stands and cattle scales.

After learning the ropes and receiving equipment, you should be ready to engage in serious cattle handling. Just remember that everything you do and use should be as cowboy and cow friendly as possible. Your safety is important; and the health of your cattle is also important. After all you need a financial support for cattle farming business.

Research Foundation Gives Government Grants for Cattle Farmers

Through the Organic Farming Research Foundation, farmers can receive government grants for cattle farmers up to $7,000 per year for a research project related to organic farming or ranching. Among other things, the organization promotes research on organic animal husbandry, the search for solutions to existing production problems and the investigation of the financial problems of small and medium-sized farms and businesses. Your proposal should include a functioning organic farm or ranch and describe how the project promotes the improvement or introduction of an organic farming system.