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Discover Best Grant Writing Certification Program

Grant Writing Certification Program

A professional grant writer is an individual who has the education, training and of course the experience to write grant applications that can be used by individuals and organizations in need of financial assistance. A person wishing to become a certified grant proposal writer must meet certain requirements.

According to successful grant writers, one of the best ways to become a professional grant application writer is to have either an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Another important thing that you should do is get acquainted with the technical side of grant writing. how to do this An aspiring writer can take writing classes or seminars. He can also contact some schools that offer grant writing certification programs and see if he can take some courses.

Grant Writing Certification

The person who wants to be a writer can also volunteer at nonprofit organizations, schools, and even hospitals with grant departments.

His grant writing skills can be acquired and improved by volunteering to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of grant writers or simply to help them. Volunteering can also help these aspiring writers gain a basic understanding of grant writing.

Grant Writing Certification
Grant Writing Certification

After completing a degree and volunteering, the next step is to work in the grant writing field for at least three years (although some people opt for five years of experience to really master the craft).

A writer who wants to focus on grant writing can also practice by writing sample grant applications every now and then.

Once completed, the writer who has focused on grant writing can apply for grant writing certification program. It is very important to indicate in the application that you were successful. It is also good if the prospect has won any grants in the last five years of writing grant applications.

Once the qualifications such as education and experience are met, it is time for the individual to choose a location and schedule the time to complete the assessment for grant writing certification. The Certified Grant Writer exam usually consists of two parts. The first part is multiple choice.

The examinee is given four hours to complete this part. The other part is a writing exercise for which he has ninety minutes. However, a prospective certified writer needs to be reminded that they may have to wait quite a while for the results of the exam.

Best Available Grant Writing Certification Programs

1. Grant Writing Certification – Technical Writer HQ

Rating: 9.5/10 Duration: 15 hours Price: $199

The Grant Writing Certification course is ideal for those of you who want to learn how to write grants but don’t have the time or money. The course covers all the essential aspects one needs to know about this field as well as more advanced concepts such as presentations, networking with potential funding sources and how they should fit the needs of your organization.

The course also provides feedback on a graded final project that allows students to receive feedback to ensure they are on track. This program equips anyone learning writing skills with everything they need.

The syllabus also touches on advanced areas of grant writing and there is a whole section dedicated to ensuring adequate proposal writing skills with over 7 tests/tests and grant writing certifications for students to complete at their own pace.

The course is led by Josh (a certified fellow with over 10 years of experience). There is also a grant writing certification test and a final project.

For more information and registration, visit: Technical Writer HQ’s Grant Writing Certification Course

2. Udemy

Rating: 9/10 Duration: 1h 41m Price: $14.99 (with promotional discount, otherwise $44.99)

Udemy’s Federal Grant Writing 101 course takes the essence of technical writing and addresses federal grants head-on. The principles taught in this course apply to almost any grant you might write, truly making you a certified grant writer.

This grant letter certificate is intended for government agencies and for companies/entities applying for government grants. The writing classes are given by Dr. Beverly Browning, an advanced application writing class teacher who has hosted several sessions at schools and colleges for this purpose.

The course is divided into 12 different sections, each containing lectures covering the hard and soft skills required throughout the grant writing process.

The first section covers the basics, providing information about formatting, content, what to address, who to address it to, and most importantly, how to address it. In the next section you will find all the necessary forms to fill out when submitting the grant. The last section deals with the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the process.

The course pack includes the instructional videos, 35 downloadable resources, and a grant writing certification for your resume and display on your social media profiles. You can access the course on the Udemy web portal or mobile app on iOS and Android phones.

We would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to write exceptional grant proposals without breaking the bank or having to attend a training course for weeks or months.

Lifetime access and course material ensure you have the guidelines needed to improve your writing process. For more information and to sign up, visit: Udemy Grant Writing.

3. Skillshare Grant Writing

Rating: 8.5/10 Duration: 50 minutes (3 projects) Price: $159 per month (Skillshare subscription)

Skillshare is an online learning and skills development platform that has introduced an easier and more accessible alternative for people who want to learn basic grant writing skills.

The Grant Writing Basics for Beginners course is ideal for people who are new to writing request documents. It is a 50 minute course followed by 3 projects that you can complete at your own pace.

The course will be led by Teresa Huff, who will discuss basic technical writing skills, potential funding sources, and how to write a successful funder grant application. It starts with the basics and progresses to more complicated aspects of grant writing.

Programs For Grant Writers
Programs For Grant Writers

Students learn directly from her 20 years of experience writing successful grants and how she has managed to secure millions of dollars in grants for her clients. Furthermore, in a practical sense, the course is both engaging and helpful.

One caveat is that the course only covers writing grant applications for schools and nonprofits, rather than giving you an overview of the writing process. However, since most grant writing is conducted within the two institutions, the course remains an asset.

You can view the course on any smartphone, tablet or desktop device. Upon completion, you will receive a digital certificate of completion stamped by Skillshare, proving that you are a professional grant writer.

Visit: Skillshare Grant Writing for more information and to sign up.

4. University of South Carolina

Rating: 9.5/10 Duration: 5 sessions (face-to-face). 10 sessions (online) Price: $1,322

If you are looking for writing courses taught by an accredited educational institution, the grant writing certification offered by the University of South Carolina is for you. The course is designed to help students learn and hands-on the process of writing grants through writing samples and testing them by experienced reviewers.

You can take the courses either in person or online via Zoom. This gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace, in an environment where you are comfortable. This grant writing course is quite comprehensive and will help individuals raise government grants and private donors through persuasive grant applications.

While the previously reviewed grant writing certifications take a two-dimensional approach, the University of South Carolina also prepares individuals for practical and professional writing. This makes it a more complete course compared to others.

The students learn a lot more about the research and writing process up close and personally. In addition, they identify the different forms to fill out for different industries, amounts, and more.

This grant writing program begins by helping individuals create a strategic blueprint for their requests. Next, it helps them come up with new ways to effectively help their clients get a much higher chance of grants through their successful grant applications.

The course costs $1,322, which is high compared to some other courses currently available. However, since this is a course accredited by a recognized educational institution, it is definitely recommended for everyone.

Once you’re done, you’ll receive a top-tier set of credentials letting the world know that you’re a Certified Grant Author. This certificate is much more widely accepted than Skillshare or Udemy grant writing certification.

For more information and to subscribe, visit: University of South Carolina.

5. Portland State (Nonprofit)

Rating: 8.5/10 Duration: 9 weeks Price: $900 ($800 for early bird subscribers)

Portland State University’s Grant Writing program is ideal for anyone looking to build both theoretical and practical knowledge of grant writing. Registration ended in September 2020 and will reopen in July or August for early birds.

Portland State is known for its professional education programs and also grant writing certification. The certification being one of the most popular program and it is recognized across the US for the advanced grant writing skills graduates are able to develop.

In fact, many nonprofits require Portland State certification as a prerequisite for hiring writers.

With the help of this online course, writers can not only earn good income but also promote noble causes. As you continue the grant writing course on Zoom, you can expect to have hands-on experience and a strong proposal to add to your job portfolio. Some specific areas that the program focuses on include:

  • Environmental defense grant writing
  • Racial justice causes grant writing
  • Grant writing for animals
  • Grant writing for Indigenous Sustainability

Throughout the course, you’ll learn from multiple experts using new, experiential learning approaches where you write actual grant for a live audience and clients.

By putting you in the driver’s seat, Portland State can better guide you through the grant application process and put years of experience into multiple days of work.

Certificate For Grant Writing Course
Certificate For Grant Writing Course

The cost of the course offers great value for those pursuing a career in grant writing. We definitely recommend the course to students provided they don’t mind becoming professional grant writers for non-profit organizations.

For more information and to purchase, visit: Portland State University.

6. University of Georgia

Rating: 8/10 Duration: 24 hours Price: $159

Another course suitable for beginners, this program can help you build a solid foundation for writing detailed and successful grant proposals for foundations, nonprofits, schools, orphanages, shelters, and more.

The best thing about this course is that it forms a great base to advance your eligible ventures. The curriculum, cost, and duration of the University of Georgia course are ideal for almost any prospective grant writer, regardless of their existing grant writing skills.

You will also get 2.4 credits for completing the course which means students in the university can opt for this grant writing certification during their studies and get a certificate without worrying about the time wasted.

While the course will benefit the most for beginners and writers looking to delve into grant writing, it’s really great for anyone looking to apply for the position.

For more information and to purchase, visit: University of Georgia.

7. ed2go

Rating: 9.8/10 Duration: 6 weeks Price: $159

The ed2go Advanced Grant Proposal Writing certification is recognized in the industry as one of the most thorough courses for this professional skill.

It is suitable for those who have no writing experience whatsoever, as well as professional fellows or technical writers looking to perfect their craft and/or apply for better jobs that require higher qualifications. This certification is definitely one of the best awards for practical grant writing in the nonprofit sector.

In going through the course, we also realized that it needed a much deeper and more thorough approach when it came to understanding the grant proposal writing process, the formatting, the tone, the issues to be addressed (and how), the length of the paragraphs, the words to use and avoid, and much more to explain more.

The course will be given by Dr. Beverly Browning, who has 40 years of experience. The 12 hour course starts with the cover letter and explains everything in great detail right down to the contact page. Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll be able to write grant proposals targeting corporations, governments, individuals, foundations, and more with a much higher success rate.

Unfortunately the course is aimed at beginners but not absolute beginners who don’t have any grant writing skills or experience which is why it’s not a 10/10 for us. There are certain prerequisites for the course, e.g. B. A cover letter and a certificate of the introductory course or relevant work experience.

The course allows individuals to learn at their own pace or via a bootcamp learning model. With the self-paced version, you can study at your leisure. This is perfect for people who are currently working and cannot attend regular classes.

There is also the teacher-led online version that takes a bootcamp-like approach. The instructor-led course lasts around 6 weeks, while the self-paced course is available for 3 months to help you study properly. We would definitely recommend this course for everyone considering how affordable and in-depth it is. You can take the course on Windows or Mac only.

Visit: ed2go for more information and to purchase.

8. Thompson Rivers University

Rating: 8.5/10 Duration: 30 weeks

Thompson Rivers University may not be as reputable as others on our list, but when it comes to technical writing certificate programs, it delivers in terms of knowledge imparted and skills developed.

The university has always been known for its literature focus while implementing industry best practices for grant writing to help individuals create exemplary and eye-catching grant proposals with minimal effort.

Role Of Grant Writers
Role Of Grant Writers

The course begins by helping students understand the key elements that go into developing a grant application. Additionally, it teaches how to define funding purpose, accountability, budget practices, and conduct pre-funding and post-funding due diligence.

During the grant writing courses in this course, you will learn to write grant applications for academic institutions, research labs, healthcare organizations, art communities, nonprofit organizations, and other professionals seeking compelling, informative, and professional grant applications to mail.

For more information and to purchase, visit: Thompson Rivers University.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Grant Writing Certification

What is Grant Writing?

Grant writing involves gathering the information needed to apply for and raising funds from private, commercial, or federal grants, and then creating an application letter with that information.
The goal of grant writing is to persuade funding organizations to provide the funding needed to the writing organization. A basic proposal includes a cover letter, budget requirements and funding allocation details.

Are Grant Writing classes important?

Grant writers are similar to other technical writers, except they have very specific requirements to meet. Without tuition, it takes a person about 3-5 years to fully master grant writing.
On the other hand, with the help of grant writing courses, writers can master the skill within 1-2 years and then keep improving. Certified grant recipients are paid better than those without certification simply based on the courses they attend.

How much do Online Grant Writers Earn?

Some grantees are paid by the hour, while others receive a flat fee for the project. Beginners make $35-$75 per hour, while serious, professional, and experienced grantees can charge up to $75-$150 per hour. The flat fee can range from $200 to $700 (or more) depending on the size of the project.


When you write grants, you are not only working to improve your own expertise, you are also working to further a cause that could have a positive impact on people’s lives. It is all the more important to be a highly qualified grant writer.

We encourage you to take one of the courses above to improve your career prospects and help those who need funding by using what you learn to write the best and most compelling grant proposal yet.

Best Of Luck For Grant Writing Certification.