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21 Most Needful Help For Single Moms In PA

Help For Single Moms In PA

Almost all Americans have felt the effects of this downward spiral economy. But single-parent families are particularly affected, especially if you have lost your job. But the government has released stimulus grants to help single mothers, but we must act quickly.

Each year the government allocates billions of dollars to distribute in the form of free money for single moms. And this year is no different. In fact, the government has given away more money than ever, trying to stimulate the economy. But is it up to each individual to learn and apply for these grants.

Help For Single Moms In PA

Most grants require that you complete an application, once you are sure you are eligible, in order to have a chance to receive free money. But filling out these government documents can be tricky, and you need to be sure you fill them out perfectly.

No grammatical or spelling mistakes and nothing can be omitted. So even though there is financial assistance for single mothers, the government still expects you to complete every step of the grant process perfectly.

Help For Single Moms In PA
Help For Single Moms In PA

So exactly what kind of assistance is there to help for single moms in PA families? You can get help:

  • Pay your rent.
  • To buy a house.
  • Pay your electricity bill.
  • Pay for child care while you work or go to school.
  • Start a business.
  • Save your home from foreclosure.

Of course, this is not the complete list of available help for single moms in PA. There are grant pages available:

1. Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)

Also known as cash assistance. Low-income single mothers and families who live statewide are helped achieve independence by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program.

For dependent children and their relatives or parents with whom they live, and for pregnant women if necessary, the TANF will provide money and scholarships for single moms. Your local county government office is where you can apply for this program. 800-692-7462.

2. Pennsylvania Food Banks

There are several places where families and single mothers facing an emergency can receive free food from food banks and pantries. 717-564-1700 to contact the Pennsylvania Central Food Bank.

3. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Groceries, food and perishable items can be paid for with food stamps and grants. It can also help for single moms in PA to achieve more nutritious diets, by increasing food purchasing power in supermarkets and grocery stores, for low-income single mothers in Pennsylvania.

Help for Single Moms is available if you cannot afford food for yourself and your family due to lack of money. For questions about the program, call 800-692-7462.

4. Childcare Services

Child Care Works may be able to help for single moms in PA who are concerned about the high cost of quality child care and need help. If they meet the income criteria, working parents may be eligible for assistance with child care costs. 717-657-9000

5. Mortgage Assistance And Foreclosure

Many programs designed to help for single moms in PA pay off their mortgage and avoid foreclosure can be found in Pennsylvania. The resources may be offered by Mortgage Grants, local state, city, or county, or they may partner with nonprofit organizations to provide assistance.

A foreclosure mediation program is available if you live in Philadelphia, which can help a homeowner keep their home. Various services are also offered by government housing and foreclosure counseling agencies. Call HUD’s interactive voice system to find a housing counseling agency near you at 800-569-4287.

6. Rental Subsidies And Vouchers

Pennsylvania offers help for single moms in PA through the HUD and Public Housing Authorities (PHA) to very low-income single mothers. Seniors, low-income residents and people with disabilities can take advantage of Section 8 and other resources to pay rent. 800-955-2232 for more information.

7. Debt Reduction And Credit Services

In order to get out of debt or deal with credit and mortgage problems, thousands of families each year turn to nonprofit organizations for free or low cost services.

Single Mom Helps In PA
Single Mom Helps In PA

A large number of agencies operate throughout the state of Pennsylvania. To contact the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, call 800-388-2227.

8. Best Choice

In order to help for single moms in PA move away from payday lenders, the State Treasury Department and the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association created this program. Grants and short-term loans are facilitated by legitimate financial services.

While offering better options than payday lenders, this program offers short-term, low-interest loans. 717-787-2465.

9. Emergency and Crisis Fund

The Salvation Army is one of the leading nonprofit seeking help for Single Moms in PA, offering hardship cash assistance, counseling, and referrals.

10. Cash Assistance in Pennsylvania

For low-income people, the elderly and Single moms with disabled child, the state offers government assistance. Housing, food, free health care, and emergency financial assistance for bills and living expenses are some of the things these services can provide.

11. Community Clinics And Health Care Centers

There are clinics that operate statewide from which patients across Pennsylvania can get free or low cost medical, dental assistance for single moms, and other health care assistance. Discounted, free or low cost dental care, cleaning and oral services can be provided to qualified individuals by dental clinics in Pennsylvania.

The medical assistance and care of several help for single moms in PA are available to uninsured people and to people who do not have insurance. Prescription drugs, screenings, check-ups, lab work, are some of the resources provided to patients without health insurance.

12. CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Plan) – Cover All Children

Chip covers all uninsured children, being the Pennsylvania State Health Insurance Plan. Regardless of family income, the “Cover all children” part of the program extends its health insurance coverage to all children up to the age of 18. Every family, whatever its income, can claim medical assistance. 800-986-CHILDREN

13. Medical Assistance (MA)

On behalf of eligible low income single mothers who have limited income and high medical expenses, this program can provide payment for health services and medical bills. This program is also commonly referred to as Medicaid. 800-274-3258 for more information on eligibility and benefits.

14. Legal Aid Programs

Free legal representation and advice can be provided to help for single moms in PA by the large number of nonprofit law firms that exist throughout the state of Pennsylvania. To contact the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network for assistance, please call 717-236-9486.

15. Employment Programs And Grants For Emergency Needs

Community action agencies provide employment services, job training, and other self-reliance resources. In order to help for single moms in PA, apply for government help programs and other aids, most nonprofits will lend a helping hand.

CareerLink centers provide access to a variety of services for the unemployed single moms and residents looking for new skills, such as job search assistance, training and career counseling. 610-437-5627 to contact CareerLink in Pennsylvania.

16. Discounted Telephone Bills

A total discount of up to $14 on your monthly phone bill can be offered by the Lifeline 135, while the Link Up program will help you install a phone or acquire a cell phone. If you need help paying your phone bills to avoid disconnection, UTAP is a resource that can help single mothers with this situation.

17. Energy And Gas Company Programs

Resources and organizations in their city or county can help for single moms in PA with their bills. In addition, many utility companies administer financial assistance and energy conservation programs. 866-857-7095 to contact ow income home energy help for single moms in PA .

18. Select Plan For Women

The Select Plan program is a health care assistance program specially designed for women to provide them with confidential health services. Women are eligible for women grant program between the ages of 18 and 44.

The benefits of this program also include free birth control, health examination, and other benefits that come with it. Previously, this program was run as part of the Family Planning Service program until it became an independent program. For the family planning women can avail Free Tubal Reversal Grants program too.

To be eligible, individuals, especially single mothers, must be residents of Pennsylvania and earned income must be below the FPL guideline of 215%, and also must not have any form of private insurance. To apply for this program, interested applicants should visit the online portal or through the Country Help Desk, or any family planning clinic closest to them.

19. Help With Water Bills

Pennsylvania American Water, a well-known water company, is working to help for single moms in PA through a water aid project called Help to Others or H2O for short. First, the program provides an annual grant of $500 to supplement water costs.

Help For Single Moms In PA
Help For Single Moms In PA

Second, they also provide water saving tools as well as up to 85% discount on your water bill. The funds to achieve this come from an annual donation from the company in addition to the small donations that the company’s clients make on a monthly basis.

20. Help With Heating Bills

As a single mom, if you’re struggling to keep up with your heating bill, especially during the colder times of the year, you can seek help from the Dollar Energy Fund.

Several utility companies work closely with Dollar Energy, so you can request assistance directly from your energy supplier. Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive a grant.

21. Help With Clothes

Our Closet is an organization dedicated to providing clothing, shoes and other accessories to vulnerable individuals and families who cannot get help elsewhere. The good thing about this organization is that it doesn’t have any requirements that people in need have to fulfill.

If you need any clothing help, you can just contact them and they will help you locate the nearest pop-up store.

Even though Pennsylvania is known as an affordable state, it can become difficult for some people. Single mothers, for example, may have financial difficulties supporting their households. They can apply for grant for single moms for overall financial crisis. Therefore, they can benefit from several local, government and state programs. Let’s find out which ones may be of use to you.

  • Help For Single Moms In PA.