How Much Do You Make With Doordash? Find Now

How Much Do You Make With Doordash

DoorDash gives individuals the ability to work as their own boss, picking up restaurant meals and delivering them to customers. If you’re looking for a flexible full-time or part-time job, DoorDash is certainly an option.

How Much Do You Make With Doordash Driver, also known as a Dasher, varies significantly on average. The company gives drivers at least $2 per delivery order. In 2021, DoorDash announced that sprinters make an average of $22 an hour before they have the cost of a job.

Payment details vary so much because DoorDash drivers are independent contractors and not employees. Independent contractors are not protected by minimum wage laws and are not reimbursed for work-related expenses such as gasoline and mileage.

How Much Do You Make With Doordash?

Full-Time Earnings Of DoorDash Drivers :

Driving for DoorDash isn’t a traditional full-time job, so you don’t earn a guaranteed salary. However, job boards are still trying to collect salary information from employees in order to estimate full-time wages.

  • In fact: $ 18,178 to $ 50,738 per year
  • ZipRecruiter: $ 14,500 to $ 64,000 per year with a national average of $ 36,565
  • Glassdoor: $ 19,000 to $ 45,000 per year with a national average of $ 27,000
How Much Do You Make With Doordash
How Much Do You Make With Doordash

While the sites don’t exclusively mention that the numbers represent gross income, this would be in line with our other results on DoorDash driver income.

Drivers with annual salaries in the upper range are likely to work more than 40 hours a week.

Location Wise Doordash Driver’s Income

The ZipRecruiter job exchange found how much do you make with Doordash? The drivers who work in the following cities earn the most on average.

  • San Mateo, CA: $ 21.67 per hour
  • Berkeley, CA: $ 20.94 per hour
  • Daly City, CA: $ 20.88 per hour
  • Richmond, CA: $ 20.33 hourly
  • Stamford, CT: $ 19.80 per hour
  • Bellevue, WA: $ 19.74 per hour
  • San Francisco, California: $ 19.57 per hour
  • Brooklyn, NY: $ 19.44 per hour
  • Lakes, AK: $ 19.36 per hour
  • Knik-Fairview, AK: $ 19.33 an hour

Tips For The DoorDash Drivers

The drivers keep 100% of the tips. The study by the Pay Up Campaign showed that 86% of the jobs contain a customer tip. While we don’t know how much tips drivers get per trip or per hour, the hourly and annual wages listed above include tips.

We also found anecdotal evidence from Dashers showing that tips that are not guaranteed make up a large percentage of Dasher salary.

Two Ways of How Much Do You Make With Doordash?

Now let’s look at How much do you make with Doordash money in which ways :

By Delivery
Dasher earn a set amount of money per delivery, which DoorDash calculates based on the delivery location. The app shows how much the job is paying. The basic remuneration per delivery depends on time, distance and desirability. The base salary ranges from $ 2 to $ 10.

By Tips
Customers can tip in the app when ordering or afterwards. Dasher keep 100% of tips.

What Influences The Earnings Of A DoorDash Driver?

DoorDash drivers do not automatically make a fixed hourly wage. How much do you make with Doordash depends entirely on the following factors:

How Many Deliveries You Make

How much do you make with Doordash? It is easily determined by the more deliveries you complete, the more you will earn. Larger shipments and shipments for orders you have to place personally pay more.

When You Are Driving

Dasher who drive during busy pay times can earn more per delivery. Some dasher schedule their schedule around meal times to increase their income.

How Much Do You Make With Doordash
How Much Do You Make With Doordash

Others even plan a dash within the app. DoorDash enables drivers to plan delivery blocks (so-called dashes) in advance.

If you plan ahead, you know you can deliver food when couriers are needed. This can lead to more back-to-back orders and thus more tips.

What Type Of Transport Do You Use

Dasher can deliver by bike, motorcycle or car. Drivers who deliver by motorcycle or bicycle often have fewer expenses, so they can keep more of their income.

Of course, the size of your means of transport also limits how much you can deliver on one trip.

Is It Worth To Become A DoorDash Driver?

Unless you judge that how much do you make with Doordash, you can not be a successful Doordash Driver easily. By becoming a DoorDash driver it doesn’t seem as worthwhile as it does at other side gigs or flexible full-time gigs. Sure, you might enjoy the flexibility of being your own boss, but other options seem to pay more by the hour, like driving for Uber or Lyft.

Given the low net wage, think carefully before signing up as a Dasher and do the following :

  • Find out the average earnings of DoorDash drivers in your area; Sites like Reddit or Carpooling can help.
  • Estimate your spend per mile based on the mode of transport you choose.
  • Talk to a tax professional about Lyft driver tax deductions and self-employment taxes.
  • Find out about the cost of health insurance and other benefits you want.
  • Compare your estimated income with what you could make in another job or part-time job.