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Apply For Student Film Grants | The Ultimate Guide For Filmmakers

Student Film Grants

It costs an incredible amount of money to make a film. Even a super-low budget project requires capital that most people don’t have as disposable income. For independent filmmakers, telling their story is often personal and passionate. Luckily, those who award production grants are looking for just that in an aspiring filmmaker.

Who you are and what stories you need to tell can be a concrete roadmap to winning student film grants. You just need to know where to look and have a clear idea of ​​what you need.

There are many different types of grants for filmmakers. For example, if you are a young artist from an underserved community, the various grants, educational resources, and international grants offered by Filmmakers Without Borders would be an excellent resource to obtain funding, as well as technical training, media literacy, and digital skills tools to develop your support creative role in society.

Student Film Grants

Most states have arts councils, and some have funds to encourage filming with grants, scholarships, and tax incentives. For example, the Illinois Arts Council Agency offers everything from grants and scholarships to filmmakers for a specific project.

Student Film Grants
Student Film Grants

They also support filmmakers with Individual Artist Grants, which could simply give the artist the opportunity to pursue a professional opportunity.

In addition to non-profit and government grants, film festivals and film institutes also have funding opportunities. They must go through an application process to receive film funding, and many grants require criteria that fit their specific mission.

For example, the Loreen Arbus Disability Awareness Grant is a $7,500 film completion grant for female filmmakers producing a film about issues with physical or developmental disabilities.

You will also notice with the Arbus grant that it is specifically for the completion of films. Some films are still in the works but require additional resources to complete, and a completion grant can help with that.

Types of Film Grants

Your search for student film grants 2023 can be divided in two ways:

Type of Film Grants:

  • Development grant
  • Production grant
  • Post-production grant
  • Distribution grant
Grants For Film Students
Grants For Film Students

Type and Theme of the Film:

Assemble has created comprehensive lists by type of student film grants 2023 to fuel your search for grants. Use the resources provided to begin your search for development, production, post-production, and distribution production tools. Then tailor your own search, tailored to your specific film and topic type, to find additional resources.

Think about the genre of your film as well as the cause Allies might have. Climate change, social justice, the gender, racial or religious identity of your characters are all factors that could contribute or grant money for film student to interested angel investors.

Various Student Film Grants

You have to start somewhere and there are ways and means to get there.

The Caucus – To assist worthy students in completing their student work film, TV show, video, or interactive project. The award will provide completion money after exhausting other fundraising means. This program aims to counteract the lack of content and creative diversity in our industry.

UFVA Carole Fielding Grant – An applicant must be an undergraduate/graduate student at the time of application. A faculty member who is an active member of the University Film & Video Association must sponsor the applicant.

Film Grants For Students
Film Grants For Students

Dance Films Grant – Provides funding vital to all phases of film production. Whether you need to write a screenplay, pay for a location, or secure an editing suite, their production support can help you get started and get closer to completing your film. Applications for production grants are only open to DFA members.

OTV Fellows – Identifies and endorses indie filmmakers within the OTV community to support the development of a new project. Designed for aspiring writers and directors, the Fellows program trains talented artists on the fundamentals of project and career development and prepares them for launch in the industry.

Orchard Project – The Orchard Project (OP) is a preeminent artistic development laboratory and accelerator for creators of performances and dramatic stories. Through programs in New York City, Saratoga Springs, and online, The Orchard Project supports and empowers dramatic storytellers from across the United States and around the world.