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Discover Target Scholarship Application

Target Scholarship Application

Nearly 45 years ago, Target opened its first retail store in Minnesota. Originally an offshoot of Dayton’s department store chain, Target soon began to gain a foothold in communities across the country.

When Dayton Hudson Corporation officially adopted the Target brand name, the country was poised to welcome a new major player in the retail outlet market. Since then, Target and Super Target stores have quickly spread across the country, attracting legions of dedicated customers.

Target Scholarship

Like many large companies, Target understands that its success is based on the vitality of the communities in which it operates. Target Corporation supports many local and national charities and understands that giving back to the community is part of our corporate responsibility.

Target Scholarship
Target Scholarship

Chief among Target’s philanthropic activities is its commitment to education. Target Corporation supports and funds a variety of educational initiatives.

These programs focus on improving the quality of education for preschool, elementary, and high school students, and improving college entry for graduates.


The Target All-Around Scholarships are available to high school seniors and undergraduate students under the age of 24. The Target scholarship for employees is designed to recognize potential leaders who have already started making a difference in the present.

The main criterion on which these Target scholarships are based is the individual’s commitment and service within their community. In addition, applicants must demonstrate excellent academic ability.

Each year, Target Corporation awards over 2,100 all-around scholarships that may be awarded at the national level or in a specific Target business. Four of the grants are valued at $10,000. The application deadline for the Target Stores All-Around Scholarship Program (CSFA) is November 1st.


Target also administers various grants to organizations located in the neighborhoods where they have businesses. This is done through their Community Education Beyond Scholarships program. There are designated scholarships for the arts, early childhood reading, prevention of domestic violence, field trips and social services.


Target also offers scholarship opportunities in conjunction with the United Negro College Fund. The Target/UNCF Community Leaders Scholarship Program awards $5,000 to eight UNCF college juniors in need of financial assistance. Target also provide community grants to the needy peoples.

To qualify, students must demonstrate their commitment to improving their community, be enrolled at a UNCF member university, and maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. The selected students are referred to as “Target Community Leaders”.


The CFDA/Teen Vogue Scholarship is for high school seniors who demonstrate outstanding talent in fashion design and are pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the field. A student receives the highest honor of being named Target Fashion Scholar of the Year and receives a $25,000 stipend for college.

The recipient will also receive a sewing machine and fashion design books. In addition, five other students will receive a $5,000 scholarship.


Target Corporation also donates money to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF). With the donated money, 50 more HSF scholarships were created. These awards range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are available to students who meet the following eligibility requirements: Hispanic ethnicity, legal citizen or permanent resident of the United States, high school diploma 3.0, and enrollment at an accredited college.

The scholarship is primarily awarded to undergraduate and postgraduate students who have a business focus. All Target scholarships are free to apply for and available online.

Target Scholarship Application Process

Applicants must submit the following as part of the application process:

  • Contact information
  • Information about the secondary school
  • Information about the high school
  • A list of other extracurricular activities to demonstrate leadership skills
  • Evaluation by a school official, which requires data on the applicant’s grade point average, class rank, and general aptitude
  • Letter of recommendation from the consultant of DECA or Delta Epsilon Chi
  • Letter of recommendation from the branch manager
  • Letter of recommendation from the mayor
  • Official high school diploma and all post-secondary grades
  • ACT or SAT scores if available
  • Copy of chapter membership list to verify membership
  • Signature of the Chapter Counselor certifying the correctness of the application

DECA or Delta Epsilon Chi information required to apply for the award includes:

  • Name(s) and contact details of the consultant
  • Membership Data
  • List of involvement, including offices, activities, competitions, projects and promotion of the organization
  • Short essay describing the benefits of membership

Destination information required to apply for the award includes:

  • Save name and address
  • The leader’s name
  • Position and employment data
  • Short essay describing commitment to Target

Target Scholarship Application Tips

  • Prepare your CV before filling out an application form. Take the plunge and run for office or register for an additional contest. Work hard every shift at Target so your store manager will happily give you a glowing recommendation.
  • Organization is key to the success of the grant. The DECA application includes a handy checklist on the last page so you don’t forget any requirements. You may also want to create your own checklist of intermediate dates.
  • Proofread all application documents. Also, ask a teacher, parent, or friend to review your application. A second pair of eyes is always helpful. If you only have 100 words to describe your work experience at Target, you need to count each of them.
  • Follow all submission rules. For example, the application form specifically states that applications must be stapled together and will not be accepted in binders or binders. Don’t let your outstanding application be overlooked by not meeting basic format requirements.
  • note the deadline. Give others enough lead time to fill out letters of recommendation or fill out forms. If you let the deadline pass, all your efforts will be in vain.

Target Scholarships For African American And Hispanic Students

Target Corporation’s Community Leaders Scholarships were designed to provide support and encouragement to college students in the Hispanic community students and African American student communities. These programs are designed to help deserving high school seniors achieve their college education dreams.

Target Scholarship For Black Students
Target Scholarship For Black Students

Target has partnered with the United Negro College Fund to sponsor eight $5000 Target/UNCF Community Leaders Scholarships. These scholarships are available to African American undergraduate students who are currently enrolled in one of the UNCF member colleges or universities.

Applicants must demonstrate the requisite level of financial need, meet certain academic standards, and have a commitment to serve their communities.

In partnership with the Hispanic College Fund, Target offers 50 scholarships annually to Hispanic students pursuing business-related studies at an accredited college or university. Eligibility is based on financial need and academic performance. Prize amounts range from $1000 to $5000.

The Target Fashion Scholarship

Target Corporation and the Council of Fashion Designers of America sponsor the annual Target Fashion Scholar Program. And this program offers a $25,000 Target scholarship to an exceptional sophomore.

However, students must be currently enrolled in one of the participating CFDA schools. In addition to the cash award, Target will arrange for the grantee to visit its headquarters.

This is intended to work with the Target Design Team. In addition, four additional scholarships of $5,000 each will be awarded to the four runners-up in the Target Fashion Scholars Program.

The Target All-Round Scholarship

The All-Around Target Scholarship was once an incredibly popular and well-known program but has been discontinued since 2006. Each year, Target Corporation awards 2100 All-Around Scholarships.

This is for deserving college students across the country. And these scholarships are designed to benefit students who have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement. And a dedication to community service. In addition, four national scholarships of US$10,000 are awarded annually.

Note in addition to national awards. Each Target Store awards 2 scholarships to students within the community. However, recipients must have achieved academic excellence in their high school studies. And have shown initiative, leadership/service to their community.

Target All-Around Scholarships provided millions of dollars in educational funding each year. Approximately 2100 Target employee scholarship were available, including four national grants of $10,000. In addition, each Target store gave two smaller scholarships to high school seniors and college students age 24 and younger.

Target has also partnered with major scholarship organizations like the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) to provide additional scholarships and grants.

Target Stores All-Around Scholarship Program

Target Stores’ All-Around Scholarship Program awards more than 2,100 scholarships each year to help high school students enter college. The grants include four national grants of $10,000 and two smaller grants per business.

Scholarship From Target Foundation
Scholarship From Target Foundation

Eligible students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be US citizens or permanent residents. Students must also be under the age of 24 and show an interest in community involvement and volunteering.

Students may choose any field of study and must plan to attend an accredited college or university. Students can apply as high school seniors or at any age up to and including 24 years.

In addition to the all-round scholarship program, Target also offers scholarships for minorities, including scholarships for Hispanic and African-American students, through the support of HSF and UNCF.

The deadline for this Scholarship from Target Foundation is usually NOVEMBER of each year, and the award is usually $10,000.

Visit for more information.

Target Scholarship Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Target Scholarship is November 1, 2023. However, for more information on how to apply for the Target Scholarship, see Note. Students should contact the company directly at 1-800-316-6142.

Also, the application process for all Target Scholarship applications starts with this phone number.

In summary, please note. Because tomorrow’s leaders are today’s young, the Target Scholarship encourages young people to pursue their dreams.

And it rewards students who strive to excel in their schools and in their communities.

Scholarship Requirements

The primary requirement for all Target Scholarships is based on applicants’ commitment and service to their community in addition to academic merit.

Applicable Majors

All majors at accredited colleges and universities


Citizenship : Legal citizens or permanent residents of the United States

Minimum Grade : 3.0

Deadline : November of each year (based on previous years)

Phone Number : 1-800-316-6142 (Note: Information on the application process is not currently on their website. This scholarship will most likely be retired.)

  • Good Luck for Target Scholarship